Your Rights

Weingarten Rights: The Right to Representation

If you are ever called into an interview meeting with your supervisor or manager so they can investigate a situation which might result in discipline, you have specific representational rights.

Your Loudermill Rights

Most public employees have a constitutional right to a pre-termination hearing.

In a decision announcing a Constitutional right for public employees not possessed by private employees, the Supreme Court in Cleveland ruled Board of Education v. Loudermill, 470 US 532 Ed 2d 494 (1985) that most public employees are entitled to a hearing before they are discharged.

Notice of Nominations for 2015 Election

Notice for nominations of SEIU Local 73 officers.

Illinois Worker Compensation Law

Workers compensation is your guaranteed right under the law. However, if you’re not aware of your rights, there’s a good chance that you or one of your co-workers might not receive all the benefits that you’re entitled to. 

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