Region 5 Delegate Candidates

Region 5 Delegate Candidates

Mario Martinez350









Mario Martinez

Let me introduce myself – my name is Mario Martinez. I have been a proud union member and Laborer for the Chicago Park District for over 30 years and am a candidate for Leadership Assembly Delegate. Together, working men and women can build a stronger union to protect and improve the lives of our members. As AFL founder As Samuel Gompers said, β€œTo be free, the workers must have a choice. To have a choice, they must retain in their own hands the right to determine under what conditions they will work.” I am willing represent all the members in Illinois and Indiana to make all of our lives better. I humbly ask for your support.


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Martha Pamplin

My name is Martha Pamplin. I have been with the Chicago Park District for over thirteen years, as an Attendant. I am a strong supporter of upward mobility, fare wages, and affordable Health Care for all employees, especially employees in the lower paid classification. I believe that every lower paid employee should be given the opportunity to advance from poverty wages to prosperity. There is a season for everything; I maintain that this is the season to fight for change. I do not believe that anyone should take a back a seat to injustice committed against them. I conclude that this is the time and season to come together to fight for justice.

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