Region 1 Delegate Candidates

Region 1 Delegate Candidates










Maurice Brownridge

My name is Maurice Brownridge but my students call me Mr. B.  I am a proud member of SEIU Local 73. I have spent the past 7 years working with children and families. At a small elementary school in the south suburbs, I helped elementary students increase their reading skills. These students scored in the lowest 10 percent of their class. Today, I work as a Special Education Classroom Assistant for Chicago Public Schools. I work with students who have severe and profound physical and cognitive disabilities. With my assistance, many of these students have been able to reach their goals. It helps to have the resources and support needed to be successful in the positions that we hold. I am committed to making sure that ALL member voices are heard. Having spent the past month organizing park district workers, custodians, bus aides, and SECAs for a fair contract, I’ve listened to the concerns of our members. I share in your frustrations. My goal is to ensure that our leaders are visible and that you get the representation that you need and deserve.  










Kevin Chapman

My name is Kevin Chapman, I’m becoming a delegate and being a strong voice in SEIU 73 is paramount for me being a cps employee and needing a voice. For me being treated with respect and acknowledgment of professionalism, effort, time, and consistency in which i perform my job demands compensation monetarily and in the details of my contract. I believe for current and future employees contract language should be clear and compensation and benefits should reflect the time on the job and quality of work performed by union members. I have worked in maintenance departments since 2004 and have witnessed our schools go through many changes that as a parent of cps students and as an a employee have disappointed me, and it is time for a change. Promises have been made and failed by CPS for too long and I with the help of my union I need to be a part of making a change. We as CPS employees have endured the voluntary forfeiture of benefit days, owed wages, contract breaches, understaffing, and mistreatment by a private company that has taking over our department. I need to be a part of rectifying these atrocities against me and











Evelyn Annette Davis West

My Name is Evelyn Annette Davis West, I have been working with the Chicago Public Schools since 1996 as a substitute Teacher and I am currently a SECA II at Owens Elementary school for the last 5 years. I am also an SEIU Local 73 union steward for my school. I believe my leadership is very important to build bonds respect and trust among members of SEIU as well as staff, faculty and administration. I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Leadership Assembly Delegate. I am a good Team player. I am a quick learner. I will not let you down as a delegate leader.










Charman Dortch

My name is Charman Dortch, I am a graduate of National Louis University where I earned my  Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science.  Most importantly, I am a wife, mother and grandmother, I started my career working in Early Childhood although I truly enjoyed working with the babies.  I had to come to terms the pay and health insurance was very mediocre within the private sector.   Therefore, it was time for me to further my career in a different direction. Several years later I began working with the Chicago Public Schools at William Howard Taft High School on the North Side of Chicago where I am presently employed.    The reason why I got involved in my union because in June of 2018.  I received a letter in the mail from CPS stating My position as a Teacher Assistant II had been terminated due to budget cuts, I was in total disbelief.   I was at a North Side school that had a 1 plus rating, over 3,400 students (filled to capacity) and they tell me they had a budget problem a school that had everything  compared to the schools on the West Side of Chicago  except not enough paraprofessionals in the










Tim Even

I once took a job as a substitute teacher for the Chicago Public Schools and worked on the West and South West sides of the city in some of the toughest schools in the city.  While I found the work gratifying it was also heartbreaking.  After a break in employment with CPS I was hired again as what was ostensibly a substitute bus aid but what turned out to be a substitute SECA position.  I was sent to fill in for an employee on a six month leave from a self contained autism program (with an inclusive component).  I was impressed by the team of Educators, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, SECAs and other professionals engaged in the education of severely autistic second, third and forth graders and gratified that they seemed to value my efforts to help out. I grew up with a favorable opinion of unions and was gratified to find out that my union — SEIU 73 — has made a concerted effort to return control of SEIU 73 to its members. I am gratified to know that SEIU 73 will continue the fight to win us the pay and respect that we all deserve.










Susan Fennell

My name is Susan Fennell, I have worked for CPS almost 21 years now. I became a SECA about 6 years ago. At the time I became a SECA, SEIU 73 was not a strong union, in fact I heard nothing good about our union. I knew I needed to step up for my school so that’s what I did about a year ago. When I started with the union, they had recently started on making changes to our union leadership. When I came in and saw how hard everyone was working to make changes, I knew with a lot of hard work our union would survive and grow. It has been a long hard year trying to get our contract settled, but members are involved I n their union like never before. Members are seeing what the leadership of the 73 rising slate and what they are all about which is members first. The hard work that they have put in to charge our union to one that our members can be proud of and show we are a union to be reckoned with. But our union cannot stop growing when we have just started growing. That is why









Laticia Flanagan-Thomas

My name is Laticia Flanagan-Thomas. I am a SECA at Burnham Math and Science Academy. I have been with CPS for 5 years. I am 39 years old and have 4 beautiful daughters. I have been married for 18 years. I work with diverse Learners severe and profound classroom. My passion is working with children that are disable. I like working with them because helping them learn skills is rewarding to them, there families and to myself. I have been union stuart for Burnham for 1 year. I wanted to be the union stuart so I can help my coworkers have a fair and just working environment. There is so much that is happening in the schools that is so unfair to us and their should be someone I believe to speak up for us. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly no matter what their title is.









Ricky Garcia

My name is Ricky Garcia. I’ve been a custodian for almost 10 years, so I know how things are sometimes handled by school administrations. The reason I joined the union was I thought, I have seen throughout history we are stronger together than when we are apart, the union needs us to show CPS how strong we by working together and making our voice heard.











Leila Griffin

My name is Leila Griffin, I have been a SEIU member for over 11 years. I worked at CPS as a Bus Aide, Bus Monitor/Parent Worker and I’m currently a SECA.I am committed to being a voice for all our members and making our union stronger through involvement and education. I am proud to stand with 73 Rising as we continue to protect the rights of all our members.











Federico Gutierrez Padilla

My name is Federico Gutierrez Padilla. I am a SEIU73 member. I have been working for CPS since 2003, 17 years ago. I support the new 73 Rising because I feel that I have been underpaid for many years. I have a 4 year degree and with 17 years on the job my lanes and steps are definitely not up to date. Members should join and build their union for a fair contract and a better future for all.


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Andre Henry

Fellow SEIU Local 73 members, my name is Andre Henry & I am running as a delegate for the CPS board of SEIU LOCAL 73. I have been a SECA/CWA for 13 years, & prior to that, was a sub CWA for about 6 months. My education includes 42 credit hours earned between NIU & Kishwaukee Community College. I would like your vote for delegate because I would be a voice that makes CPS respect the work we that we do & the services we provide for our students. I would be a presence on the delegate board that looks out for all of our CPS Local 73 members. I support the 73 rising slate because it is under their leadership that our union has become much more inclusive, democratic & responsive to the needs & concerns of the membership. 73 rising has done their best to keep us informed & engaged with everything that is going on with our union & been very transparent in how they are operating our local. This is a total departure from past leadership! Fellow Local 73 brothers & sisters, I encourage you to join me in the continuous building of our union because









Aida Hernandez

My name is Aida Hernandez. I have been a employee with CPS for a total of 18 years. It is my passion to help others in need.  Being a Special Education Assistant for Mather High School is a perfect fit. I became involved in the SEIU local 73 because I feel like the best way to get your voice heard is to be on the front lines with what is happening and who is making it happen. Also, being informed on changes and what is to come is important to me and that’s why I decided to become a active Bargaining Committee Member. I support the 73 Rise! They are our new team of people fighting on our behalf for a fair contract and they are our to go to contacts should we need them. All SEIU members should join the union because there is no better way to get your voice hear other than being directly involved. This union is here for us and the more involvement from our members the better the outcome will be for everyone. Get involved today!









Patricia Hubbard

Patricia Hubbard was formally in the Medical Billing Field for 15 years. She received her Associate Degree in Accounting from Wilbur Wright College.  She has worked for Rush Presbyterian Hospital and several private physician’s offices. She became a Chicago Public School Special Education Classroom Assistant II in 2005. She currently has this position at John C. Coonley on the north side of Chicago.  I enjoy working with the children because I learn so much from them. They keep me on my toes, encouraged, and with the up-to-date trends.  I was chosen by my fellow co-workers to represent us as a union leader in our school. I have gained so much knowledge regarding the unity of a union. Since I have been attending meetings at the union, I have kept my co-workers informed.










Susana Ibañez

My name is Susana Ibañez, I’m also known as Susie. I am a SECA at John Barry Elementary School, I have been with CPS for 12 years. I started off as a Teacher Assistant with CTU for 6 years and now I’m a Local 73 member for the past 6 years. I have 4 children who also attend Chicago Public schools. My children’s grades range from high school to pre-k. I am bilingual you could say maybe trilingual, I am fluent in Spanish and I can carry some basic conversation in French.  I became involved in the union when I realized we needed change, going into my second contract with SEIU I wanted change. Seeing how powerful CTU was when I went on strike with them gave me the courage to speak up and join the bargaining team for my second contract with SEIU.  I love working for CPS and I love being in the union, it’s become a passion of mine since I turned steward and then a bargaining member. I wish to continue to grow in the union and speak for my co-workers when they need to be heard. I want to show my children that a union










Ivy Jefferson

Ivy Jefferson is a Special Education Classroom Assistant at Henry R. Clissold Elementary School on the far south side of Chicago. She has been a dedicated Special Education Classroom Assistant for over eleven years. With her love of basketball, Ivy has been the 5-8th grade boys basketball coach for four consecutive years. This year she will be taking on a new task, as the newly appointed Boys Basketball Coordinator. Ivy volunteers with The Greater Chicago Food Depository and New Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church to help the surrounding community on the south side of Chicago. Before starting her career with Chicago Public Schools, in 2006 Ivy received her Bachelor of Science from Northern Illinois University. Ivy is the oldest of three children and was the first in her immediate family to graduate from college, encouraging her siblings to follow in her footsteps. With strong values and morals that were instilled in her from a very young age, she hopes that she can continue having an impact on the students she engages with on a daily basis. Ivy has served as a union steward with SEUI Local 73 for the last three years. She is committed and looking forward to continuing doing










Patrice Johnson

My name is Patrice Johnson and I am currently employed as a Seca at Northside Learning Center. I have been a Seca for over a year but was a bus aide for 4 years. I am a mother of 3 and a proud union member. I decided to get involve with the union when our contract was up because to be honest, I wasn’t happy about the contract we had. I also seen somethings that I wasn’t happy with within the union that I wanted to see change. It felt like the union wasn’t behind its members and there was a lack of communication. I thought what better way then join the union as a delegate as well. As a member of the union I support being on the 73 Rising Slate. The Rising slate has been very essential in the changes that has happen so far. The lines of communication are open with new ways to communicate which has been implemented. The 73 Rising slate has brought faith to our new and old members. Our members voices are now being heard and we don’t feel left behind no more. Our members are engaged, satisfied, and happy with the changes.










Brittany Jones

Hi my name is Brittany Jones I am 29 years old and have been working for CPS for close to 10 years. I decided to become a more involved union member and delegate to not only wish for a change but to become that change.










Gregory Lee

My name is Gregory Lee, I am a Security Officer at Jones College Prep.  I am a firm supporter of unions and I believe in Local 73. I have been in unions most of my adult working career, from working at SBC / AT&T to working at the airlines.  There is strength in numbers, and a union is the best way to show that strength.  I am running for Local 73 delegate to help ensure that OUR union is fighting FOR US, and not just collecting due and then bowing to corporate pressure.  I have seen the passion, the drive & the fight in our union officers, delegates, stewards & strike captains and I want to help.  Elect me, and I will help to fight the good fight with those already standing strong.

Alejandra Lopez350









Alejandra López

My name is Alejandra López, I am a Mexican immigrant, I have a degree in journalism and I currently work as an Assistant Teacher in Special Education (SECA) at the Pulaski International School of Chicago. I have two children, a third year student in University and a junior in high school. My desire to join the section 73 union is to help other members know their rights and keep fighting for better working conditions. I consider it important to be part of a movement to achieve our goals.

Mi nombre es Alejandra López, soy una inmigrante mexicana, tengo una licenciatura en periodismo y actualmente trabajo como Asistente de maestro en Educación Especial (SECA) en la Escuela Pulaski Internacional de Chicago. Tengo dos hijos, una estudiante de tercer año en la Universidad y uno en el tercer año de la secundaria.  Mi deseo de formar parte del sindicato de la sección 73 es para ayudar a otros miembros a conocer sus derechos y seguir luchando por mejores condiciones de trabajo. Considero que es importante ser parte de un movimiento para lograr nuestros objetivos.










Ricky McFadden

My name is Ricky McFadden I am currently a Local 73 member I have been working for the board of education for 30 years. I have also coached High School Basketball for 25 years I have been a SECA for 20 years I got in the union to learn more about how the union works and how it can help worker when they have issue with their employer. I have had issue that the union was able to help me. I support the new 73 Rising because I fell, they bring new and fresh ideas to the table. I believe ever member should learn about their union and support the union every opportunity they can it’s very important.









Lashaundra McKenzie-Hendrix

My name is Lashaundra McKenzie-Hendrix. I have had the pleasure and responsibility to work with Diverse Learners as a Special Education Classroom Assistant for the past 18 years. I have many family members who are former students of Chicago Public Schools as am I. I have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I love teaching children I believe it to be my calling. The reason I got involved with the union to help gain control over our employment, safety and financial security of our present and future circumstances. To have the power to negotiate contracts that benefits you and your family, not just employers. The union strives to ensure higher wages and a safer work environment for their members. Good wages, benefits, and also some protection against arbitrary firing are some of the top priorities and concerns that I share and support for all members. I support the new 73 rising because they are listening to their members and getting their everyday struggles and opinions about what is actually happening in the workplace. The union is treating their members with respect and dignity. I am willing to do my part in any capacity that I can contribute to.










Iris Moore

Hi, my name is Iris Moore. I am a SECA at Chavez Elementary. I have been a member of SEIU Local 73 for seven years, and a Union Steward for my school for the past two years. I am dedicated and committed for fighting for the rights of my fellow union members.  As a delegate, I am looking forward to the opportunity to make a positive difference in the workplace.  As a delegate, I can engage in collective bargaining for a respectful contact, higher wages, affordable health insurance, and job security.  I can also lead by example for members to know the importance and difference between being a member verses a non-member. Being a part of the new 73 rising, we are a STRONG, PRODUCTIVE, and GROWING UNION. I will fight for JUSTICE and EQUALITY for all members regardless of RACE, CREED, or COLOR…”WE STAND IN SOLIDARITY”!!!










Calvin Deshon Newman

Calvin Deshon Newman, is a City wide Safety & Security officer he has been with cps for 9 years. Mr. Newman is also one of the Safety & Security officers on the bargaining team. Mr. Newman started doing Security work in 2002 with AMI kids Infinity alternative school. At AMI Mr. Newman was Head of Safety & Security and Team leader. Mr. Newman brings a lot of commitment and experience to the table; one of the jobs associated with being team leader was negotiating and providing guidance for kids and staff. When is comes to someone that needs to speak up on behalf of the team Mr. Newman is that person you want on your team he is not afraid to stand against management because right is right and wrong is wrong and he believes that the only way to get results is to not give up. Mr. Newman says that he is one of SEIU best kept secret, and he is ready for all the members to get to know him.








Bailey Oswald

My name is Bailey Oswald and I studied Human Development and Family Studies at Kent State University in Ohio. As I finished my time at Kent State, I worked as an AmeriCorps VISTA representative. I helped direct a community center in an underserved neighborhood, running and organizing all of our youth programming. Following AmeriCorps VISTA, I moved to Chicago and worked for the Chicago Board of Elections before taking a job with Illinois Action for Children. There I worked with low-income families, navigating federal systems and trying to secure childcare assistance. After a while, I decided I missed working face-to-face with people. Rather than being stuck at a desk, I accepted a job with Chicago Public Schools as a Paraprofessional. My time spent working directly with at-risk individuals, families, and communities has given me insight and direction as to where I want to be: to advocate for positive social change and justice. I believe that unions are a way for justice to be shared with employees who would otherwise have little power to advocate for betterment in the workplace. That is why I stand with SEIU Local 73 / 73 Rising.










Jeanette Pantoja

Jeanette Pantoja, SECA at Burley Elementary I have been with Chicago Public Schools for over 19 years. I started out as a TA with CTU in 2001 then became a SECA with SEIU in 2010.  I have worked in various capacities within CPS; in the office as an administrative assistant, a preschool aide, and with diverse learners as a SECA. I love being a witness to those “ah-ha” moments. As I started with CPS, I wanted to join the Union so that I can belong to a group that is committed to empowering people on issues that matter. Being an active member of SEIU has empowered me to help myself and others make our workplace better; where workers are valued and respected, my job is fulfilling and I have a voice in decisions that impact me and the students that I work with. SEIU has made me a stronger Union member. I am excited to be working along with 73 Rising Leadership Slate as a Leadership Assembly Delegate. Together we will make a difference in the lives of our fellow Brothers and Sisters and the CPS students we serve.








Karen Quarles

My name is Karen Quarles and I am a Graduate from National Louis University, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science. I have been married to a wonderful and supportive husband, Mr. Ivan Quarles, for 23 years.  We have four beautiful children, Ivan Jr., Andrew, Marian, and Isaiah. I’m currently an employee of the Chicago Public Schools, where I’ve been employed since 2007. I have been working as a S.E.C.A. at Langston Hughes Elementary School for the past eight years while serving as the Union Steward for the past two years for Local 73. I got involved with the union because I believe in justice, helping others, working as a team, and most of all, I believe in following my money. I was paying union dues and had no knowledge or input of what was going on within the Union. Therefore, I decided to start going to the meetings, phone banking, door knocking, and I even joined the C.A.T team where we met monthly.  i started training to become a union steward where I have the privilege to serve, educate, and inform members of their rights under the collective bargaining agreement {CBA}. I support the new 73 Rising,










Alyssa Rathan

My name is Alyssa Rathan and I am a proud member of SEIU Local 73. I have been a Special Education Classroom Assistant (SECA) for the past four years at McCutcheon Elementary School in Uptown. During my time as a SECA for the Chicago Public Schools, I have seen myself as a co-teacher. I have supported teachers in preparing classroom activities and I have supported with classroom management. I have helped implement individualized behavioral plans for our students. I have taken the time to build trust with each student that I have worked with in order to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment. I have worked with students in grades K-5, in both general education settings as well as in cluster classrooms. I am deeply invested in the success of ALL students. I am currently working on my Masters in School Counseling at Northeastern Illinois University because I want to be able to be a stronger advocate for marginalized students in the city of Chicago. I want all students to know that they are not the sum of their obstacles. When we work together, we will be able to give our students the quality education that they all deserve.










Nicole Rivera

My name is Nicole Rivera and I am a SECA II at James G. Blaine School. I have been employed with CPS since December 2018. I am a former CPS elementary school (James G. Blaine 2003) and high school (Northside College Prep 2007) graduate. I have decided to take my involvement in CPS a step further by becoming a SEIU 73 delegate. As a delegate I want to ensure that our students are receiving the proper education they deserve, while also seeing that my coworkers are treated fairly with the respect they deserve while serving our students.









Sandra Ross

My name is Sandra Ross, I am mother of a daughter and two grandchildren. I attended both private and public schools, I am also a college graduate. I am a SECA in a grammar school and have been with the board for 26 years, and the union for 15 plus years,  I am a dedicated worker , and enjoy working with children,  I believe every young person have their own inspiration,  passion  and dreams,  and I strongly believe that school is the right place to accomplish it. I joined the union because the only way we can move forward is to stand up and fight for what we want and need, so that’s why I encourage others to take part and do the same.










Danielle Santiago

My name is Danielle Santiago. I have been a special education classroom assistant with Chicago public school for the past eight years. I am also employed with Chicago park district as an inclusion aide. I have decided to become more involved with SEIU this year because I have seen injustices within our education system and towards our educators that can no longer be overlooked. I feel strongly that I should not have to maintain two jobs to make a living wage. I feel that I am ready to support SEIU and move other members to do the same.









Timmy Simmons

My name is Timmy Simmons local 73 union member I joined in the late 90 as cps custodian young then not understanding must how the union operated was not much involved,  over time having issue’s in the work place and being told by other co-worker contact union in the matter when I did I would get advise from representative over the phone how to  deal with certain work issue’s that seem to help and resolve contract violations in the work place, other times rep’s would visit on site to check working conditions and talk with members which was helpful, I file work place grievance and won it with help of the union, over time saw many co-worker having issue’s in the work place and no knowledge of contract or there rights in the work place I would advise them on how to go about dealing with certain issues and contracting the union for directions for better understanding, I started attending union meeting to get more knowledge and stay updated on work place working conditions and fairness, I would go back and inform other workers on updates from the union and support workers with issues at school one thing I learned










Francine L. Taylor

Hello, my name is Francine L. Taylor, a CPS SECA employee and the SEIU Local 73 steward for my school. Even though, it was never planned, on my part, that, throughout my past experiences, I’ve always found myself supporting and/or being a voice for those who are mistreated, misused, and/ or abused, young and old. My heart is sold out for helping and supporting people in need and in whichever way GOD allows me too, for HIS Glory only. But, on the other hand, even though, I have been in many leadership positions, throughout my life, whether in schools, neighborhood, communities, and/ or churches this will be my first time being chosen or nominated at this level. So, I humbly, say, that as one of your future Leadership Assembly Delegates, and, as I hear and listen to the voices that are crying out in this educational wilderness of inequality and unfairness, that, I, Francine L. Taylor, will go above and beyond to learn and fulfill my calling to achieve what this position entails, an advocate and a voice for us all! Amen!!! In JESUS NAME, GOD Bless…









Shirley Towns-Shelton

Hi I’m Shirley Towns-Shelton! I’ve been employed with CPS since April 2013, as a Special Education Childcare Assistant. Before working for CPS,I retired from Bank of America, after 32 years of service. I also have a BA Degree from Chicago State University. I’m a wife of almost 29 years and the mother of two Chicago Public School graduates. I have three grandchildren. I have always worked with children within my church community and volunteer in the schools when my children attended school. Upon retirement, decided I would apply for a position within the school system. I first became involved with the union when my school was placed on the list to become a turn-around school. During this time, a representative for CTU would visit the school almost daily to assist their members, however no representatives from SEIU visit our school.  So after speaking with my co-workers we were able to have someone to come and talk with the SEIU workers. After the school was turned around and I was rehired, I decided to reach out to the union once again and requested a union member to come out and meet the members. After a few members I was elected as










Henry Wilborn

My name is Henry Wilborn I have worked for CPS since 2009. I began my journey at Fenger Christian High School which at the time was a turn around school,  meaning all new staff to bring it back academically and change the direction that the school was going in.The interview was strenuous and a panel had to appoint you. I was selected to the position of Student  Advocate. My primary duties were to increase attendance therefore I did home visits,  talk to parents and was a fixture in the community.  Each position that I held always involved the security of the students. Students come first  currently I am assign as Special  Education Classroom Assistant (SECA) at Gresham Elementary school. I am faced with different challenges each day that is what makes my job so interesting. The student has always been my first priority and the rewards have always been greatly appreciated.










Nick Wozniak

Nick Wozniak has worked in CPS for three years. He got active in SEIU 73 through the latest contract struggle and became a steward in fall 2018 at Suder Montessori. He has been a SECA for nearly two years. Nick is active in building the socialist movement and fighting for a stronger and bolder labor movement. He was born Chicago’s South Side, grew up in the suburbs, and has been living in Chicago since 2014. He currently lives in Bridgeport.











[Name of candidate not submitted.] I have always been passionate about community outreach.  Growing up in Chicago I have had my own share of experiences of gangs, substance abuse, and single parented homes.  I grew up in Uptown Community and cultural diversity was a vivid norm for me.  Because we did not have much and my mom was often busy working a 9 to 5 job, teachers and youth workers played a vital influence in my life.  At a very young age, I lost a close friend to a gang shooting and this was a defining moment in my life.  It was educators and youth workers that spoke wisdom and truth that propelled me to pursue education as an alternative path, rather than retribution.  This led me to be the first in my family to graduate from both high school and college.  Shortly after I graduating from Moody Bible Institute, I was hired as a community educator.  My role would consist of motivational speaking and educating students on life-skills and at-risk behavior.  In addition to community education, I was often asked to share my story with students in assemblies and community events.  Several years after I was asked to transition to work at Aspira Youth

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