Officer Candidates

Candidates for President: 1 position to be elected by the membership at large

Remzi JaosCandidate350









Remzi Jaos, Members Leading Members

My name is Remzi Jaos. As Division Director of Higher Education at Local 73, I grew the Division from 2,600 to more than 4,000 members in five years. I processed thousands of grievances and led 11 bargaining teams through successful contract campaigns, in some cases doubling members’ salaries. These skills are essential to building a strong union that can win the pay and benefits you deserve. As a rank and file union member, I learned the pain of having a union that won’t return a phone call or handle a grievance. I will build a team that will provide the representation you have a right to. The Members Leading Members team will have the backs of our workers every step of the way. I am proud to be slated with such a diverse group whose skills complement each other so well. You deserve leadership that will build SEIU Local 73 into a powerful union that can win strong contracts, fair pay, and good benefits. I envision a Local strong enough to fight for respect in the workplace, justice in the community, and dignity in retirement for you, the Local 73 membership, and every worker.









Dian Palmer, 73 Rising

I first found my union voice while working as a Nurse where we successfully organized my coworkers to form a union. I have worked in nursing homes, home-care agencies, acute care, and at a level I trauma hospital. In my 20 years working as a labor leader my dedication to the labor movement has never wavered. I have come a long way from the fields of Mississippi as the child of parent sharecroppers; too far to turn back, and too long to end it now. I bring to you those same dreams, my sense of excellence, and my commitment to hard work. I have spent the last 20+ years working hard to help empower members, restore local justice, provide better communication and fight alongside members to gain respect on the job. I have fallen in love with the spirit, tenacity and dedication of our 73 members. The members of local 73 have proven to Chicago and the country that we are united, strong and together we can accomplish anything! I am so proud to work with the members of local 73. The 73 Rising Team is dedicated to you the members of Local 73, we have your back.


Candidates for Secretary-Treasurer: 1 position to be elected by the membership at large

Alistair 'Rob' GreenidgeCandidate350









Alistair “Rob” Greenidge, Members Leading Members

I became a member of SEIU in 1999, while working for the School District of LaGrange, and have been in the custodial/maintenance department there for more than 18 years. I began serving as a union steward in 2005, and I was elected as chief steward in 2010. I am grateful to the members who elected me. I have always believed in fair treatment. When it comes to unfair treatment, I always step up to help resolve the situation and eliminate the unfair treatment. I want to protect members from management and their arbitrary, unfair treatment of our members. That’s why I need your support in this election. Assist me in doing what’s right and opposing what’s wrong in a strong, proper manner. The reason that I became a member was to personify my coworkers in their concerns and multiple objections. I have been part of three successful five-year negotiated union contracts. By pointing out and resolving various problems, I was the voice of the employees to the employers.










Joe Richert, 73 Rising

My relationship with SEIU goes back nearly 35 years. I began as a rank and file member of SEIU Local 1 in 1984 as a custodian in Cicero School District 99, where I served for 16 years. After 16 years as a member, I left the school district to take a full-time position as an organizer with Local 73, where I have spent the last 18 years. I’ve served several roles in Local 73, including organizer, union representative, assistant division director, director, vice president and currently your secretary treasurer. I have always tried to go above and beyond to represent members the way that I wanted to be represented when I was a member. As your current secretary treasurer I have successfully helped turn a 2 million dollar deficit into a balanced budget- steering Local 73 out of near bankruptcy and into the future. I am proud to represent members throughout Local 73 across Illinois and northwest Indiana.


Candidates for Executive Vice President: 2 positions to be elected by the membership at large

Summer AlexanderCandidate350









Summer Alexander, Members Leading Members

My name is Summer Alexander. I have worked for Chicago Public Schools since 2001. I have a vision to lead and advocate for all members. I am prepared for a challenge that will benefit all. I am interested in serving all members. After talking with countless members, I firmly believe I meet or exceed the requirements and have more than a working knowledge of what it takes. I have been working with Local 73 Union for several years now. It is important for me as a Steward to continue to represent the members as best as I can and present a powerful voice that counts for ALL. When we work together, there is little we cannot accomplish. In the past year alone, I have visited several schools and parks and received more than a thousand new membership cards, and surveys, recruited more than 20 new stewards, had more than a thousand conversations with members, leadership conferences, budget hearings, and helped host several membership meetings events.


Denise HunterCandidate350









Denise D. Hunter, Members Leading Members

My name is Denise D. Hunter. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. United Faith Community Baptist Church is my church home. I am also a member of the Veteran’s Mental Health Consumers Advocacy Council. I help the veterans get what they are entitled to. I have been a union steward for Bellwood School District 88 for four years, and I love my job. In my heart, I am an advocate. You deserve the best representation, and I am running for Vice President because I love helping people get the things they should have. The Members Leading Members Slate is made predominately of rank and file members, just like you, and that is why I have chosen to be a part this slate. We need leadership who understand the devastation to you, the member, when your phone calls to the union do not get returned.










Jeffrey Howard, 73 Rising

As a third generation trade unionist, I learned at an early age that unions matter. I am a rank-in-file union member with 30 years of experience in the labor movement. In my time at IBEW and SEIU I have been a shop steward, executive committee member, vice president, assistant business manager, organizing director, state director, secretary treasurer, and I am currently the Executive Vice President of Local 73. I believe in the power of unions. I want to help lead SEIU Local 73 with power and purpose. We need to innovate, inspire, and ignite our brothers and sisters in the struggle for workplace and social justice. We need to set high goals and standards for ourselves and the work we do serving Local 73 members and the labor movement as a whole. It has been an honor to work with members across the state and in NW Indiana to make local 73, a union that wins with our members. I look forward to our future where we will continue to work to make local 73 one of the best locals in the Country.










Science Meles, 73 Rising

My passion for the labor movement began in college, when I was engaged in organizing students against deportation and for worker’s rights. In the 10 years I’ve been with Local 73, I’ve been extremely blessed to work alongside our strong members in various labor fights and hope to continue to work for a local that builds power and wins for its members. I am a strong believer that organizing and collective action will win workers sustainable communities, schools, fair wages and benefits, and be able to reach the American dream. As a proud parent of a student in Chicago Public Schools, I understand that we must stand strongly together against the threat of privatization of public education. The positive changes in Local 73 over the past year has made me proud to run with the 73 Rising slate. To me, being a union representative is not a job, but a way of life.


Candidates for Vice President: 5 positions to be elected by the membership at large

Gloria AlvarezCandidate350









Gloria Alvarez, Members Leading Members

My name is Gloria Alvarez, and I am a 26-year employee of Catholic Charities Head Start program. I became a member of Local 73 when we organized in 1999. I have been part of every contract negotiation. Elected as a steward after our first contract, I serve as the chief steward. I have organized Healthcare workers, registered voters, and mobilized for rallies. One of my proudest moments was helping to organize a large rally for a coworker on Ottawa Street in Joliet. The huge turnout of members and the community inspires me to this day. I am running for the Vice President at Large position because I believe you need better representation. Our phone calls are never answered, and you, my brothers and sisters, cannot get help from a Local that refuses to send reps to help you. We need a union that is accessible and fights for all members. I pledge to do everything within my power to make sure we never forget that all of us working together, we will win. Our votes matter. Vote for Members Leading Members Slate. We are fighting for you and your right to democracy.


Merle HerrenCandidate350









Merle Herren, Members Leading Members

My name is Merle Herren, and I work at District 131. My start in organized labor began in 1985 with membership in the ACTWU, when I was 19 years old. Since my start, I have been a proud member of the labor movement and have been honored to spend time with the BCTGM, IBEW, UFCW, and now SEIU Local 73! As a union steward, I have witnessed the need for strong contracts and strong representation for our members. A vote for the Members Leading Members slate will assure that our Union will be accessible and accountable to all! Our members deserve the best contract negotiators and business representatives. When we are elected, our plan will include training Local 73 staff and members, as well as hiring new staff where needed. We will fully support staff and members in their respective duties. We will take all of the necessary steps to ensure that our members are represented strongly, from the beginning of the grievance process up to and including arbitration. Your employer will become very familiar with your representatives. Your vote matters! A vote for the MLM slate assures that your voice will be heard AND answered!


Alice NowickiCandidate350









Alice Nowicki, Members Leading Members

My name is Alice Nowicki, and I am running for Vice President at Large. A resident of Hammond, Indiana, and am formerly from Chicago and the South Suburbs. I have been an employee of Cook County School District 130 for 30 years and a member of SEIU for more than 25 years. Our union should be responsible to all, accessible to all, and accountable to all! Please vote for the Members Leading Members slate. We will not let you down. As an Executive Board Member, I will make sure we hold leaders accountable and provide our members with the best service possible.


Teresa 'Jill' PhilipsCandidate350









Teresa “Jill” Phillips, Members Leading Members

My name is Teresa “Jill” Philips, and I am a proud union member and a dedicated tollway worker. I fought to keep the union strong and the highway running safely for 33 years. As a member-organizer and a loud proud union member, I have demanded dignity and respect for Local 73 members at the tollway for more than three decades. Now, more than ever, we need leadership from rank and file members who know firsthand the struggles Local 73 Members face. We don’t need the out-of-town trustees. I am ready to put my heart and soul into building member power for the best representation possible. I am ready to stand up and fight against the attacks on working people from the bosses and the Washington, D.C., political class.


Martha WebbCandidate350









Martha Webb, Members Leading Members

My name is Martha Webb. Now, more than ever, we need a strong union to stand up for us and stand firm in the beliefs of what all who came before us worked and fought so hard for: the right to fair wages for the work done and the right to affordable insurance. I became a member of SEIU Local in November of 1998. As a food service worker, I worked in the steam room for years until I transferred to the patient serving area, where I prepped patient plates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was more than happy to do it. While working at Oak Forest Hospital, I struggled to take care of two children. I was happy to have the job because it was a union job. I knew about union jobs, for my father had worked in a union job. I was asked to be a union steward to help the other workers keep their jobs and not let management get to them. I was all for that. I fought for our rights and for others who were unable to fight alone.











Robert Bisbee, 73 Rising

My excitement for continuing my involvement and improving the local has lead me on the quest of running again for the Vice President Position. I have been employed with the Chicago Park District for 23 years, currently as a Park Supervisor and have been an active member SEIU Local 73 as a Union Steward since 2004. During that time, I have been elected to the Executive Board and contract negotiation team. I have also volunteered my time and service to numerous committees, rallies and trainings throughout the years with the local and currently participating with the Political Action committee. These opportunities, past positions I held and my 13 years with the Illinois Army National guard has given me a cycle of readiness to continue the fight for Worker’s Rights. With your continued support I will continue the tasks of increasing member’s involvement and continuing the fight for workers’ rights as well as our contractual rights within the work place. I have seen changes for the good with the new Leaders of the local over the last year and I would be honored to carry on the duties and responsibilities needed to.











Roy Chavadiyil, 73 Rising

My name is Roy Chavadiyil and I am a Cath Lab Technologist at Cook County Stroger Hospital. I was born in India and immigrated to the US. I received my diploma in Radiology at the Cook County School of Radiology and later completed my certificate program in Cardiac Intervention Technology at the College of DuPage. Currently, I am serving as Chief Steward for technician and technologist contracts. I have represented our brothers and sisters in many grievances and have provided successful outcomes. I take great pride in this. In addition to representation, I have also been a member of the bargaining team and I am the Midwest regional chair for the SEIU API caucus. My passion is in organizing and I have participated in many campaigns over the years. The most memorable campaign was when we unionized the Core Center employees, moved to strike and won improved working conditions and wages. I promise to you all, I will continue to work hard and improve our union in the days to come. I humbly ask you to vote for the ’73 Rising’ slate.











Cathleen Jensen, 73 Rising

In a home with both parents being city workers, I did not need to be taught the value of unions. I saw it in the peace of mind job stability, safe working conditions, fair wages and secure pensions it brought to my parents. My firefighter dad and public school secretary mom taught us about the duty of service and gave us the understanding that all should do their part. I’m stepping up now to do my part to create the union we need Local 73 to be. I have worked as an Occupational Therapist for the past 30 years. Occupational Therapists are trained to analyze tasks, break them down into steps, and figure out the most efficient way to achieve a goal. Goal setting, problem solving, and decision making are core skills for Occupational Therapists. 30 years doing this work, helping people to reach their goals and live lives of value prepares me perfectly to be a leaders at Local 73. I’m honored to be your Vice President and will continue to work tirelessly to create an empowered membership.










Camille Redman, 73 Rising

I come from a strong Union family. I have been a member of Local 73 for over 19 years. I am A Public Service Representative at the Secretary of State in Clinton, Illinois I have been a member of the Bargaining Committee for the last 4 contracts. I also have been a Chief Steward for 10 years representing members in grievance hearings, Inspector General Investigations and other disciplinary conferences. I was elected to the County Board in Dewitt County and am the co-chairwoman, while also chairing the Finance Committee. Politics is in my blood. I am a member of the Political Engagement Committee at Local 73. I strongly feel that we need to elect politicians who represent the working people in Illinois and we need to hold those that we elect accountable. I know that if the members of Local 73 come together and fight to ensure good pensions, livable wages and affordable health insurance we will be a force no politician will want against them. I am ready to fight for the members of Local 73. Please join me and vote for ’73 Rising’ slate so that we can fight together!


Alfred RodriguezCandidate350








Alfred Rodriguez, 73 Rising

Alfred Rodriguez has been a dedicated Special Education Classroom Assistant with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) for fourteen years. He currently works at Northside Learning Center and has served as a union steward with Local 73 for five years. He is a committed member of the CPS Contract Action Team and was a crucial voice on the Committee of the Future that helped pave the structure for a new Local 73. When he’s not in the classroom with his students, he is assisting in the annual Special Olympics.


Candidates for Region 2 Executive Board Member

Penelope D BankheadCandidate350









Penelope D. Bankhead, Members Leading Members

I, Penelope D. Bankhead, am running for the position of an Executive Board Officer on the Members Leading Members Slate. I have been employed with the University of Illinois @ Chicago since October of 1986. I am a very intelligent, strong-minded and motivated individual. I’ve served on the last 2 Contract Negotiations for UIC. My decision to be part a part of the election is because I was strongly urged by so many of my co-workers. My co-workers appreciate how honest and efficient I’ve been with being able to give them information pertaining to SEIU related business and past negotiations. It bothers me to see anyone treated unfairly. I will always represent, advocate, and fight for anyone who its too afraid to speak up for themselves. Honesty, fairness, and transparency is a must for me!


Lester ConeyCandidate350









Lester Coney, Members Leading Members

My name is Lester Coney, and I have worked as an IT Support Analyst for the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System in the Health Information Management Department (HIM) for 17 years. I received by B.A from Governors State University in University Park, Illinois, in 1998. I am married to Donita L. Coney and have four children: Maya, Myron, Leslie, and Lester Junior. I have two grandchildren: Jordyn Nicole and Myron, Jr. I have been a minister for Bethlehem Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Harvey, Illinois, since 1999 and was ordained on December 27, 2015. I look forward to becoming an Executive Board Member Region 2 to bridge gaps between SEIU Local 73 members and to create a powerful union that will help members gain knowledge and experience that will ensure their financial security and good, safe working environments for all.


Bogumila RoginskaCandidate350









Bogumila Roginska, Members Leading Members

Growing up in Poland, I’ve experienced what union power can do. United and strong, we can change the world! I have been an SEIU member for 17 years. Since I started working at UIC in 2001, I have chosen to be a union activist and have helped union leadership and members at my work site communicate with each other. I have also participated in three collective bargaining contracts, making sure that UIC technical staff received fair wage increases, and, in some cases, equity adjustments up to 18%. In addition, I have been involved in recruiting, educating members, and bargaining for fair contracts. Having served as steward, I will continue to fight for hardworking people’s rights if you vote for me!


Mike WilkesCandidates350








Mike Wilkes, Members Leading Members

My name is Mike Wilkes. I am a Dialysis Technician at UIC Health. I have been a member of SEIU Local 73 for eight years. I am a steward, a member of the Bargaining Committee, and a union activist. I am a lifelong resident of the Chicagoland area. I have been married to the love of my life for 35 years; together, we have four children and five grandchildren. I have been a proud union member for 45 years, including the Retail Clerks, CTDU, Teamsters Local 710, and SEIU Local 73. I am the best candidate as your UIC representative because I face the same struggles as you: unrealistic work expectations, being forced to work through breaks and lunches, being pushed to work extra hours due to understaffing, concern for job security, and inadequate representation. I will volunteer my time and effort to negotiate a fair and equitable contract to address these issues, while demanding respect from management. The true roots of democracy lie within the union movement. This election, we have a chance to restore our Local to a democratic state with Members Leading Members.


Marilyn Avent









Marilyn Avent, 73 Rising

I’ve been a steward at UIC for ten years and I have served on the Union negotiation team for the last three contracts. I have represented members in hearings, pre discipline hearings and will work with all of the union representatives to insure that all members are well represented. I am asking for the opportunity to serve on the Executive Board of Local 73 so that I can be hands on and represent all of the members. I will do my best to engage members and recruit and encourage members to be active in their Union.  I want to ensure that members receive the information about issues that affect their employment and family.


Candidates for Region 3 Executive Board Member










Anita Johnson, 73 Rising











James Phipps, 73 Rising

James Phipps has been an SEIU Local 73 member for 29 years and at Cook County for 31 years. James has an honorary PhD and an honorary degree in humanities. James is a non denominational minister who has dedicated his life to fighting for equal rights. James worked with Fannie Lou Hammer during the civil rights movement. James supports the 73 Rising Slate because it represents a positive change for all working people and Local 73.











Ericka White, 73 Rising

Ericka is the proud mother of a 17 year old. She holds a BA Degree in Criminal Justice, MBA in Business Administration and MCA in Compliance Administration.  She is a 28+ year employee of Cook County Government.  She is a Union Steward, member of the County’s negotiating team and a humble and dedicated SEIU Board Member.  She is a newly published co-author of a book designed to help young ladies navigate life in spite of life’s obstacles. She is a woman of faith, and is active in numerous social, spiritual and educational organizations.  She stands PROUD in this union struggle!  A fight for ONE is a fight for ALL!


Candidates for Region 7 Executive Board Member

Ron Dube








Ron Dube, Members Leading Members

My name is Ron Dube, and I am currently a union steward at the University of Chicago Hospital. I have served in that capacity for 13 years and have been a union member since 1986. I believe in unions and the great opportunities they afford. I look forward to the chance at being an executive board member for all my brothers and sisters. I joined Members Leading Members because I believe we are rank and file members who know what it is like to have your job threatened and your rights violated, and we will not let those things happen to you. Together we will build a stronger union with experienced representatives who know how to negotiate contracts and handle grievances and arbitrations in a professional manner. Vote in the upcoming elections for Members Leading Members, so we can build a better future together and end the trustees’ double salary luxury lifestyle.


Mike StojakCandidate350









Mike Stojak, Members Leading Members

Brothers and Sisters, my name is Mike Stojak. For 17 years, I have been a painter at the University of Chicago Hospital. Like you, I take pride in the work that I do. We need respect from our union leadership, and I believe every grievance should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You and I, all of us, should have a chance to be heard. The union should fully help every member to the best of its ability. Vote for Members Leading Members Slate, and this vision will become a reality.











James Magee, 73 Rising

I am James ‘Shon’ Magee. For the past 17 years I have worked at Chicago State University as a building service worker. I became active in my union because I believe that there is dignity in all labor and that our power as workers comes in our strength in numbers. As a member of the Executive Board, I will work hard so that our voices are heard and that our communities and workplaces in Region 7 are well represented.











Shea Marshall, 73 Rising

My name is Shea Marshall and I want to serve as your representative on the SEIU Local 73 Executive Board. In the last two years, Local 73 has undergone a dramatic transformation into a union that gives members voices in local governance that they have never had before. It’s a local that cares about hearing from members and involving members in the decisions that impact them by having truly elected officers from the membership. I want to make sure that your voices are heard at our local. I want to be an avenue for you, as a member, to take part in the governance of our union. It would be an honor to be a voice for the members of Region 7. I am happy to be part of President Dian Palmer’s slate of officers, Local 73 Rising, that will keep this local moving forward, engaging members, and keeping our union on the path to prosperity and stronger contracts. Together, we can all make Local 73 the great union members deserve.


Candidates for Region 8 Executive Board Member

James GahaganCandidate350










James Gahagan, Members Leading Members

My name is Jim Gahagan. I have worked for Waukegan Public schools for 31 years and have been a union steward for 18 of those years. Two huge steps have been accomplished in those years: The first involved removing three school board members who tried to outsource our custodians. We removed these board members and replaced them with three individuals who treat us fairly and with respect. The second accomplishment was to remove Aramark, formerly ServiceMaster, custodial contracting services from our district. This is something I would never want to see come back because there is always fear of contracting custodians’ jobs. I love challenges, and I hate when our bargaining unit brothers and sisters are treated unfairly. I may be the bad cop, but there is a reason that I’ve never lost one grievance ever in my 18 years. You, the members of Local 73, deserve the best representation possible, and if elected, I will make that happen.


Candidates for Region 9 Executive Board Member


Rick PratlCandidate350









Rick Pratl, Members Leading Members

My name is Rick Pratl, and I work for the Village of Chicago Ridge Public Works: 30 years in the Public Works and 30 years a union member. I have been the union steward for the past 15 years. I come from a union home. My dad was a union plumber. I also have coached high school football at Harold L. Richards for the past 26 years. If you want to talk, let me know. Feel free to write anything you want!


Candidates for Region 10 Executive Board Member


Diana AvilaCandidate350









Diana Avila, Members Leading Members

My name is Diana Avila. You, the members, have a right to a strong, democratic union that can win job security, fair pay, and great benefits. Winning great contracts doesn’t mean anything if we don’t have a union that will enforce your rights. You deserve a union that will provide the best representation possible. I feel as if I would be a great candidate for executive board member, due to the fact I have been at First Student and Bellwood School District 88 for 29 years. I have been in Local 73 Union for 10 years, and I have paid my dues by giving full support along with participating with union meetings and events. I’m honored to say I have been a union steward for two years and also serve on the negotiation committee. Local 73 is my heart and soul. I joined Members Leading Members because I believe in our promise to provide powerful representation, as we know your struggle firsthand. Please vote for our Slate so we can begin the work of building a stronger union for you!


Denise DanielsCadndidate350









Denise Daniels, Members Leading Members

Hello, my name is Denise Daniels. I worked at PROVISO WEST for 16 years and became a Steward because money was stolen from me and five others some years ago, and the old union heads helped steal from us! The company didn’t give a damn! I also fought my own battle alone, so I want to do right by all members. To be clear, I just made Steward in April of this year and shared with the people what I’ve experienced with Joe Richart, and the rest claim they have our backs, which they don’t. Whom have they helped? Not me. Let’s see if we can’t do better with some new faces!


Mark YatesCandidate350









Mark Yates, Members Leading Members

My name is Mark Yates, and I am an equipment operator in public works for the City of Elgin Sewer Department. I have been a union member since my employment began in February of 2006. My goals as an executive board member are to serve and represent my area of responsibility. I want to ensure that members’ voices are heard and their needs are addressed! If workers unite, they can address issues that affect everyone and make the workplace better for everybody!










Gary Litoborski, 73 Rising

I have been an SEIU member for 33 years and officer within my unit for 29 years. In that time, I have been involved in numerous contract negotiations, and have been a strong leader and someone who will stand up and fight for what is needed. I’m proud to join the 73 Rising slate in our fight and hope you will support us.











Robert Tulo, 73 Rising

I work at Elmhurst School District #205 in the Custodial and Maintenance Department. I have been involved in my unit for some time as a steward and bargaining Committee member. I have handled grievances and am active on the Political engagement committee. I believe all members should be treated fair and with respect. I am asking for your vote and support in this election for the 73 Rising Slate!


Candidates for Region 11 Executive Board Member


Justus FortadoCandidate350









Justus Fortado, Members Leading Members

My name is Justus Fortado. I’ve been a building service worker for 24 years, a steward for 16 years, and a Local 73 executive board member for 10 years. I am running for the Executive Board position to give working people, particularly in the Central Illinois region, a voice in the decisions that are made on their behalf. It is vital that decisions be made from the ground up – by the workers. It would be an honor to serve Region 11 and the members of Local 73 in that regard.


Candidates for Region 13 Executive Board Member

Eula WoodsCandidate350









Eula Woods, Members Leading Members

Hello to all our Northwest Indiana Union members. My name is Eula Woods. I am a union steward, member activist/organizer and have previously served as an elected Eboard member. Most importantly, I am a proud School Bus Driver.  I am a firm believer in the saying, “Actions speak louder than words”! I am not afraid to stand up and speak out for all of our Northwest Indiana members.  I will continue to fight for what is right! It’s time for our members to come together and lead the way for positive change where our members will finally, once again, come first! This vote will count!










Erin Findley Skyes, 73 Rising

Growing up in Northwest Indiana, surrounded by our steel mills and factories, unions have been the centerpiece of my life since I was born. My father, my husband, many of my siblings, and friends are all union workers. When I began my career as a Mental Health Counselor 10 years ago, I found that I had difficulty finding a union backed job. I saw and experienced firsthand, the power struggles that occurred when employees did not have the backing of a union. I became a proud SEIU Local 73 member 6 years ago and a steward in 2015. Since then, I have made it my passion to not only help and guide my clients, but also help my fellow union members with their concerns. NWI presents with some concerns that are unique to the region and it is my passion to deliver those concerns to Local 73. It is my strongest belief that NWI can not only bring strong voices, but also powerful, innovative ideas to continue the work in the labor movement.


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