Sean McGough

Sean McGough Executive Board Candidate Region 7 Headshot

Hello brothers and sisters! My name is Sean McGough and I am running for Executive Board. For the past 10 years I have had the privilege to work as an organizer for your union, SEIU Local 73. As an organizer, my job is to help grow the union by assisting and supporting non-union workers in efforts to form their own union and join SEIU Local 73. Since 2008, SEIU Local 73 has grown by over 5,000 new members through dozens of organizing campaigns, most of which I was directly involved. Through these campaigns, I have connected with workers in higher education, social services and others throughout the public sector. As a member of the executive board it will be my priority to establish a communication tree and foster open, honest dialogue so all members within Region 7 can inform and be informed on all matter and issues that are discussed and decided. Together we can make a union that works for all! Join me, brothers and sisters in building a bigger, stronger SEIU Local 73. The workers United will never be defeated!!

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