To make sure that all members are represented, 31 members of the Executive Board will be elected by region in the October 2018 election. Delegates to the Leadership Assembly will be elected by region in 2019.

As set by the Constitution and Bylaws, the local has 13 regions, each based on members’ employers. A ratio of 1 Executive Board member for each 1,000 workers represented in a region determines the total number of Executive Board members to be elected in each region. The total number of Leadership Assembly delegates per region is determined by a ratio of 1 delegate for each 50 workers represented in each region.

Click on a region below to see a list of employers and the number of Executive Board members to be elected this fall.

For complete information about the regions and representation, see the Constitution and Bylaws.

Region 1

Chicago Public Schools - Region 1

Region 2

University of Illinois at Chicago - Region 2

Region 3

Cook County - Region 3

Region 4

Secretary of State - Region 4

Region 5

Chicago Park District - Region 5

Region 6

City of Chicago - Region 6

Region 7

Other Employers in the City of Chicago - Region 7

Region 8

Northern Suburbs - Region 8

Region 9

South Suburbs - Region 9

Region 10

Western Suburbs and Tollway - Region 10

Region 11

Champaign - Urbana - Decatur - Region 11

Region 12

Other Illinois Employers Outside of Greater Chicagoland Area - Region 12

Region 13

Northwest Indiana - Region 13

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