Region 3: Cook County


Executive Board members: 3

All members employed by the County of Cook or where the County of Cook is a joint employer (Law Library Unit; Office Technology Unit; Procurement Department Unit; Technical & Engineering Unit; Cook County Zoning Board of Appeals Unit; Animal Control Unit; Building and Zoning Unit; Office of the Comptroller Unit; Cook County Environmental Control Unit; Facilities Management Custodians Unit; Highway Department Clericals Unit; Highway Supervisors Unit; County Clerk Administrative Support Staff Unit; County Clerk Supervisors; Health Care Professionals Unit; Hospital Technologists; Service and Maintenance Unit at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital, Cermak Health Services, and Oak Forest Health Center; Hospital Technicians Unit; Treasurer of Cook County Unit; Sheriff of Cook County Clerical Unit; Sheriff of Cook County Youth Services/Administrative Unit; Office of Public Administrator Unit; and Recorder of Deeds Unit).

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