Ramona T Bonilla-Anaiel

Ramona Bonilla-Anaiel

My name is Ramona T Bonilla-Anaiel, Union Steward at Lake View High School. I started working with Chicago Public Schools in 2006. I joined “73 RISING SLATE” because I believe in fighting for The Rights of workers, fight for Equality and The Fairness for ALL Employees, not the same quest for Power, little regard for CPS unit, with no executive board members from CPS! That was the way it was in the past and our contract reflects that!! We cannot go back to the failed policies and power hunger Remzi wants for himself. As a Leader I will make sure that WE All are on the same Page! We must make sure We All STAY UNITED to get OUR VOICES HEARD. Join me to STAY UNITED and to FIGHT for our RIGHTS, for a Fair Worksite, Fair and Equal Wages, Fair Healthcare and Fair Pensions VOTE FOR “73 RISING SLATE”

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