with SEIU LOCAL 73!

A union is when workers come together to use our strength in numbers to get things done collectively that we can’t get done by ourselves. Every year, non-union workers contact¬† SEIU Local 73 in hopes of improving their work environment.

Forming a union at your workplace is the best way to win better job conditions, safer work places, stronger benefits, and an improved life for you, your family, and the communities you serve.

Interested in forming a Union at your workplace?

Contact the Member Action Center at (312) 787-5868 or email to find out how.

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With a Union:

  • We bargain for better health insurance,¬† 79% of union members have insurance.
  • We have guaranteed pensions, 76% of union members have pensions.
  • We have rights and protections guaranteed by our contracts.
  • We use our collective power to win for our families and communities. Less than half of non-union workers have quality health insurance.

Without a Union:

  • Less than half or non-union workers have pensions.
  • Non-union workers are at-will employees with few rights and can get fired for no reason.
  • Non-union workers stand alone.


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