SEIU Local 73 is an organization in which active members make a positive difference – where they work and where they live. The materials offered here were created to help each of us build a stronger union. Click to view and download.

Fair Tax Calculator


Illinois Fair Tax Power Point presentation.





Chicago Public Schools – Special Education Classroom Assistants – Professional Development, Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services (ODLSS), 2018-2019 School Year





Local 73 is on the rise, but the fight is far from over! This leaflet warns us of union busting activity.




FullMemberVFeePayer_Image200What is the difference between a union member and a non-member? This leaflet explains the union difference. 

En Español




As union members, we come together to fight for wages, rights, and benefits our families need. This leaflet outlines the current attacks against our union and the benefits of being in a union.






Cook County Markham Hearing 2018


Chicago Park District Pension Public Notice January 2019






We must have a conversation with every co-worker. This leaflet walks through the steps we should take in these conversations that will build a stronger union.






There are 4 things each of us can do to build a stronger union that protects what we have won. This leaflet describes the 4 things we can each do to make us stronger.








The Committee on Political Education or COPE is our political fund created for working people to have a strong voice in politics. This leaflet explains the purpose and importance of COPE.


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