Juanita Espinosa-Guillen

Juanita Espinosa Guillen

Juanita Espinosa-Guillen Paraprofessional East Chicago,IN Hi, I am Juanita E-Guillen, I am running for the Northwest Indiana SEIU 73 E-Board position. You will be receiving a ballot in the mail soon. Many of us in Indiana feel forgotten by the union officials in Chicago. We need to fight and raise our voices in order to get our issues addressed. If elected to the E-Board, representing Indiana I promise to speak out loud and clear for our members. I will work hard to make a difference. I am not afraid to fight for what is right and just. I helped organized the paraprofessionals in East Chicago Schools many years ago. Once unionized I was elected chief steward. I believe in union activism and have been on many protests. I boarded buses with other SEIU 73 Indiana members to demonstrate in Washington DC, Indianapolis,Peoria, Springfield etc. We helped organized protests at School Board meetings and City Halls. Those trips and local protests made us strong and proud purple SEIU 73 members. There is no better time than now to demand UNION ACTION! Stand Up for Northwest Indiana! VOTE:JUANITA ESPNOSA-GUILLEN for E-BOARD

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