Jeffrey “Jeff” Howard

Jeffrey Howard

I am third-generation union member with 29 years of experience, serving all levels of leadership in the union movement. I am a proud veteran of United States Air Force. In my Union career I have served in many different capacities from shop steward to Secretary-Treasurer of a 55,000-member local union, have work for 3 different Unions and collaborated with many others. Those experiences have helped shape my values and taught me how to be an effective leader and advocate for workers. Outside of my work, I received a bachelor’s degree in Union Administration and Leadership from the National Labor College, and am the proud father to four successful children. I believe in the power of unions. I want to help lead SEIU Local 73 with power and purpose. We need to innovate, inspire, and ignite our brothers and sisters in the struggle for workplace and social justice. We need to set high goals and standards for ourselves and the work we do serving Local 73 members and the labor movement as a whole. I humbly ask for you to stand with us and vote for the 73 Rising Slate, leading Local 73 into the future.

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