Erin Findley-Sykes

Erin Findlay Sykes

Growing up in Northwest Indiana, surrounding by our steel mills and factories, unions have been the center piece of my life since I was born. My father, my husband, many of my siblings, and friends are all union workers. When I began my career as a Mental Health Counselor 10 years ago, I found that I had difficulty finding a union backed job. I saw and experienced firsthand, the power struggles that occurred when employees did not have the backing of a union. I became a proud SEIU union member 6 years ago and a steward 3 years ago. Since then, I have made it my passion to not only help and guide my clients, but also help my fellow union members with their concerns. NWI presents with some concerns that are unique to the region and it is my passion to deliver those concerns to Local 73. It is my strongest belief that NWI can not only bring strong voices, but also powerful, innovative ideas to continue the work in the labor movement.

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