Committee on the Future


We are members of the¬†Committee on the Future, a diverse group of members and leaders representing the length and breadth of Local 73’s membership. We have spent hundreds of hours reviewing and debating the problems of the past and solutions to the challenges of the future. We all know that our union has had a lot of problems. That is why we proposed an action program and structure to build a stronger, more effective, and democratic union that puts member leadership and participation first. We did it! On June 26, 2018 we counted the votes and it was a historic vote for Local 73. The Committee on the Future’s action program and structure was approved by the membership.



Constitution and Bylaws Subcommittee

Alan Jones, Secretary of State

Tracy Brown, Chicago Board of Education

Karen Lindberg, City of Chicago

Dena Gary, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Roy Chayadiyil, Cook County Health and Hospital System

Betty Boles, Local 73 Staff

Veronica Heard, Chicago Public Schools

Eliseo Medina, Local 73 Co-Trustee

Joe Iosbaker, University of Illinois at Chicago

Finance Subcommittee

Regis Banks, Chicago Park District

Steven Cain, Chicago Public Schools

Cathleen Jensen, University of Illinois at Chicago

Kurt Edelman, Local 73 Together We Rise Coordinator

Sable Russell, Chicago Park District

Laura Bryson, Secretary of State

Becky Mock, Quincy School District #172

Karen Bynum, Chicago Public Schools

Member Strength Subcommittee

Kim Akins, Chicago Public Schools

Allen Flanagan, University of Illinois at Chicago

Andre Reed, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dorice Cusic, Gary Community Schools

Jason Fedorow, First Group America, Galesburg

Verna Thompson, City of Chicago

Anita Johnson, Cook County Health and Hospital System

Dian Palmer, Local 73 Co-Trustee

Regina Russell, University of Illinois at Chicago

Darlene Winston, Chicago Public Schools

Georgina Poole, Secretary of State

Joe Richert, Local 73 Staff

Willie Tines, Chicago Park District

Bob Tulo, Elmhurst School District #205

Alfred Rodriquez, Chicago Public Schools

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