Camille Redman

Camille Redmon

I come from a strong Union family. I have been a member of Local 73 for over 19 years. I am A Public Service Representative at the Secretary of State in Clinton, Illinois I have been a Con the Bargaining Committee for the last 4 contracts and have been a Chief Steward for 10 years. I have presented members in grievance hearings, Inspector general Investigations and other disciplinary conferences. I was elected to the County Board in Dewitt Count and am the co-chairwoman, I chair the Finance Committee. Politics is in my blood. I am a member of the Political Engagement Committee at Local 73. I strongly feel that we need to elect politicians who represent the working people in Illinois and we need to hold those that we elect accountable. I know that if the members of Local 73 come together and work to ensure good pensions, livable wages and affordable health insurance we will be a force no politician will want against them. I am ready to fight for the members of Local 73 please vote for me and our slate so that we can fight together.

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