Alistair “Rob” Greenidge

Alistair _Rob_ Greenidge

I became a member of SEIU in 1999, while working for the School District of LaGrange, and have been in the custodial/maintenance department there for more than 18 years. I began serving as a union steward in 2005, and I was elected as chief steward in 2010. I am grateful to the members who elected me. I have always believed in fair treatment. When it comes to unfair treatment, I always step up to help resolve the situation and eliminate the unfair treatment. I want to protect members from management and their arbitrary, unfair treatment of our members. That’s why I need your support in this election. Assist me in doing what’s right and opposing what’s wrong in a strong, proper manner. The reason that I became a member was to personify my coworkers in their concerns and multiple objections. I have been part of three successful five-year negotiated union contracts. By pointing out and resolving various problems, I was the voice of the employees to the employers.

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