Why We’re Fighting For #UnionsForAll

DSC00253Our union is a uniting force for people from all types of backgrounds, places, and more. SEIU is committed to fighting for issues that matter to our families. That’s why we believe working people should have a direct say. The opportunity to join a union – no matter where you work – is the best way to raise wages, improve working conditions, create family-sustaining jobs, and begin to fix our rigged economy.

Economic Justice

Corporations like McDonald’s are hurting our communities, feeding a cycle of multi-generational poverty, and exploiting black, brown, and white working people across the country. Every working person must have the freedom to join unions across industries and regions to improve working conditions. Cities and states should have the freedom to innovate and create new ways to set the table for working people and employers to bargain over wages, workers’ rights, and community benefits.

Guaranteeing Access

Through unions workers can fight for access to quality, affordable healthcare and long-term care. In addition, that means all healthcare jobs should be good, union jobs. On a path to universal healthcare coverage, we must invest in and improve the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare, and long-term care. This includes empowering the dedicated workers who provide essential, compassionate healthcare and home care services to join together in unions, raise wages, and improve job and service standards.

Climate Change

We must take immediate, bold action on climate change, hold corporations accountable for rampant pollution, and create good, union jobs in a just transition. Policies to combat climate change must be connected to those that raise standards for all working people and address the needs of communities of color who are most impacted, so that no workers, families, or communities are left behind.

Immigrant Families

Immigrant families should be welcome, safe, and free in the United States. Immigrant workers are powerful leaders in our union and integral to the care and service workforces in this country. Instead of tearing immigrant children from their parents, inciting division and spreading fear, we must extend relief to Temporary Protected Status holders, and take care of Dreamers. We must support common sense reforms that provide a clear path to citizenship for hardworking immigrants, prioritize worker protections and family unity, and those which are consistent with our core values as a nation.

In the fight for justice, equity, and respect, it takes a united front of workers and their unions. You can join the fight for #UnionsForAll, too—take action now!


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