Union Officer Election Results Are In

Ballots were mailed on October 16-17, 2019 for the union officer elections. Votes were counted at the SEIU Local 73 office in Chicago on Thursday, November 14, 2019 in the presence of observers. 


The following members were duly elected:

President – Dian Palmer

Secretary-Treasurer – Joseph Richert

Executive Vice President – Jeffrey Howard

Executive Vice President – Science Meles

Vice President – Robert Bisbee

Vice President – Roy Chavadiyil

Vice President – Cathleen Jensen

Vice President – Camille Redman

Vice President – Alfred Rodriguez

UIC EBoard – Marilyn Avent

UIC EBoard – Regina Russell

Cook County Eboard – Anita Johnson

Cook County Eboard – James Phipps

Cook County Eboard – Ericka White

Other Eboard – James MaGee

Other Eboard – Shea Marshall

NW Indiana – Eula Woods


*Delegate elections results are in the process of being verified. These results will be shared once the verification process has been completed. 

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