Chicago Park District Workers Vote to Ratify New Contract

CPD_10-14-19Congratulations to our Chicago Park District brothers and sisters, who, over the course of two weeks and 23 meetings, overwhelmingly (90%) voted to ratify a contract that promises equity and respect for workers. The voter turnout was over five-times greater than in previous Chicago Park District ratification votes. This showcases the unity behind our collective cause.

“We wanted to lift up our lowest paid workers. We wanted to make sure we had meaningful raises that addressed the dedication and sacrifices the Chicago Park District workers have made over the years,” said Jeff Howard, SEIU Local 73’s Executive Vice President.

What’s in the contract?

  • When faced with the threat of a strike, the employer put more money on the table in the contract than in the past 8 months of negotiations.
  • The employer finally agreed that part-time workers who are hourly (20 plus hours a week) should receive paid vacation in the same way that full-time workers receive paid vacation.
  • Part-time workers will also receive holiday pay during holidays they work.
  • SEIU Local 73 also worked out supervisor bonuses and other issues of equity in the pay structure that existed for Chicago Park District workers.

Chicago Park District members, supporters, and more stood up for fairness and dignity. This hard work paid off with a contract that reflects that.


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