Chicago Park District Workers Reach Tentative Agreement

We have reached a tentative agreement with the Chicago Park District that ensures good jobs with family sustaining wages.


“We wanted to lift up our lowest paid workers. We wanted to make sure we had meaningful raises that addressed the dedication and sacrifices the Chicago Park District workers have made over the years; the furlough days and taking 1% raises over the years,” said Jeff Howard, SEIU Local 73’s Executive Vice President, at the press conference on October 16.



On Tuesday, October 15 there was a breakthrough in the contract negotiations and we have reached a tentative agreement. There were about 20 Chicago Park District workers in the room including the bargaining committee. Negotiations lasted for about 11 hours and the vote was unanimous to recommend the tentative agreement for approval. It took 2 unions (Local 73 and CTU) with 3 strike votes and the threat of 3 strikes coming down on the Mayor and City at once to get them to negotiate seriously with Park workers. 

Here are some highlights of the tentative agreement:

  • The employer put more money on the table on Tuesday than in the last 8 months of negotiations.
  • They finally agreed that P/T workers who are hourly (20 plus hours a week) should receive paid vacation in the same way that F/T workers receive paid vacation and paid holidays.
  • We also worked out supervisor bonuses and other issues of equity in the pay structure that existed for Park workers.

We are going to set up a process for voting to ratify the contract and will be releasing the complete details on what the tentative agreements are. The voting process will take several weeks in order to air on the side of inclusion. We will work to create a process that gives every member of the union the opportunity to vote, be informed, and allow for every voice to be heard. 

Our union brothers and sisters at Chicago Public Schools rejected the contract proposal they received and began to strike today. Chicago Park District stands in solidarity with more than 7,500 Special Education Classroom Assistants, Custodians, Bus Aides, and Security Officers that are striking to bring Chicago the schools that children deserve and to win economic justice for all CPS workers.

All Chicago Park District workers can support the CPS strike by:

  • Join a CPS picket line when you’re not working to show solidarity. Picket lines are being held on weekdays starting at 6:30am at your nearest Chicago Public School until a tentative agreement is reached.
  • Participate in an action. Keep an eye out on the calendar on this site for dates/times.
  • At your park, talk to parents and youth about why Chicago Public School staff workers are on strike.
  • Wear your Local 73 button.

Let’s stand with our Chicago Public School staff and teachers! We’re in this together to win it together.

Keep an eye out for more details on the tentative agreement and the vote to ratify.

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