Majority of University of IL Urbana-Champaign Workers Vote to Ratify Contract

Contract Ratified!


We had been bargaining since November 2018 and we weren’t being heard at the bargaining table, but we organized. After voting to strike and delivering a notice with the intention to strike when incoming freshman move in, we were finally heard.

You voted YES. The contract is ratified.

Here are the highlights of the agreement:

  • Both the food service and building service contracts are for 3 years with a minimum 39 cent raise each year, even if the campus does not give out an across the board raise every year. If the campus gives out more in the annual percentage raise, SEIU members will get the larger amount. In the past, there have been years where there was no campus raise except for unions that negotiated a guaranteed minimum.
  • Parking fees are delayed until January 1. Most of the campus has already seen an increase this year in parking fees.
  • Workers from both units will get bonuses this year and in the third contract year of $150 each.
  • Food service workers will see minor changes in the system the University uses to call for work during periodic layoffs. These changes should help employees get a little more work, but the new contract provides for a committee to study the periodic layoff problem over the next three years.
  • Building service workers will have more time to put in for positions that become vacant.

It was a good fight. After organizing, we were able to sit at the bargaining table as equals. The results of the vote represents a win for all of us. 

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