University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Contract Ratification Vote


The UIUC elected bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement on both contracts, food service and building service. We are recommending a YES vote.

Join us to ask questions and vote. If you cannot vote after work, you will be released from work for up to one hour to ask questions and vote.

Voting will take place:

Monday, August 12 from 4-6pm

E-14 parking lot (corner of Oak & Kirby)

Wednesday, August 14 from 6:45-11am & 12:15-6pm

Hessel Park

1400 Grandview Dr.


Friday, August 16 from 12:15-6pm

Champaign Public Library

200 W. Green St.


Saturday, Aug 17 from 1-6pm

Willow Springs Clubhouse

1201 Dean Drive


Monday, August 19 from 6:45-11am & 12:15-2:30pm

Urbana Free Library (Satterthwaite Conference Room)

210 W. Green St.


Every vote counts. Summaries of the tentative agreement that members are voting on were released at the membership meeting on Saturday, August 10. They will also be available when you show up to vote.

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