State and University Health Insurances Changes


Late last week, multiple news outlets published some details of the health insurance changes AFSCME negotiated in the State and University Employee Group Health Insurance Program. AFSCME and SEIU stood strong against Bruce Rauner’s demands for a 120% employee health insurance premium increases. For four long years, members of organized labor pushed back on Governor Rauner’s unconscionable demands. Had we caved to Bruce Rauner’s demands each covered employee would have paid $3,700 – $14,300 more for health insurance.


An unintended benefit afforded to all covered State and University employees during the long struggle with Governor Rauner was that we received no increased premiums, co-pays, or deductibles for four years – saving each SEIU state and university member hundreds of dollars over the previous four years. Because costs remained stagnant for employees during the last six years, costs rose steadily for the state. The state was inevitably going to look to share those increased costs over the next four years.


SEIU Local 73 will continue to bargain aggressively with employers to ensure that the wages rise to balance out any increase in health insurance costs.


Why Does AFSCME negotiate our health insurance coverage?

The State of Illinois benefits greatly from one health insurance plan. Larger membership means the State can negotiate better rates from insurance providers. State law says that the state collective bargaining unit with the largest number of state and university members negotiates the health insurance with the state. Since AFSCME Council 31 represents the most State and University employees combined, the responsibility of negotiating health insurance plan design and employee premium costs falls to them. Other unions, including SEIU Local 73, challenged the law which establishes one health insurance negotiator and lost in the courts.


The terms of the new State and University employee group health insurance plan are linked below. 


Health Insurance Premiums

Please click this link to see the health insurance premium increases under each plan.


The distribution of the composite amounts for each plan year will be developed by the parties across salary bands based on progressivity and across health plans based on the relevant costs of the plan. Please click here for the salary band premium distributions.


Dental Premiums

Will increase $1/year each of the following dates: July 1, 2020, July 1, 2021, July 1, 2022.


Out of Pocket Costs, CoPays, Deductibles, Vision, Dental, and Prescription Drugs

Please click this link to see the increases in HMO, AP, and Quality Care Out of Pocket Costs.


If you have any further questions about the State and University Health Insurance changes, please contact the Member Action Center.

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