UIC Bargaining Committee Nominations


Last Wednesday evening, Local 73 UIC members representing all 4 union contracts met to discuss how we can be successful in getting new contracts and how our bargaining committees will be created. Everyone who is a member of SEIU Local 73 at UIC will be able to participate in the contract campaign either as a member of the bargaining committee, the action committee, a steward, or a member.

Bargaining committee: The bargaining committee will be responsible for negotiating our next contracts. Committee members must represent everyone in their respective bargaining unit in good faith. Our committees should be as representational as possible and everyone from everywhere is encouraged to get involved!

If you want to be a part of the bargaining committee, you must be a member in good standing of the Local. Nomination forms will be available starting May 13th at the Local 73 office and on the union website. You must get 10 signatures from coworkers in your bargaining unit (Clerical, Technical, Professional or Service/Maintenance) and submit the nominations to the local office by 5pm on May 24th. A limit of 15 committee members per contract exists and elections will be held as necessary.


A list of the classifications covered by the union contracts can be found in the links below:

UIC Clerical Certification

UIC Service & Maintenance Certification

UIC Tech Certification

UIC Pros Certification

Link Action Committee: The Action Committee will be responsible for keeping the membership updated of what happens during bargaining and engaged in the campaign. They will be the point people for the coworkers in their departments, on their campuses, and in their offices. If there is an event going on, the Action Committee will be the first people to let everyone know about it and ensure our success in the campaign for better contracts. The Action Committee is completely open to any member in good standing who wants to fight the good fight.

Stewards: Stewards will be enforcing the contract. Stewards are the first line of defense against management when they violate our rights at work. The more stewards who are trained and active, the stronger we will be at beating back management’s attacks against us. Stewardships are open to all members in good standing who will complete the 3 phase steward training provided by SEIU Local 73 and are then endorsed by the members in their work area. You can sign up to be a steward and start the training by clicking here.

If you are not already a member and want to be, you can take the first step in making sure that we are more successful than ever before in bargaining! Fill out the membership application by clicking here.

Many of us have filled our bargaining surveys, but if you have not been able to do so yet, there’s still a chance for you to have your voice heard: Click here or reach out to a steward to get a copy of the survey.

On May 30, at 11am, we are going to have our contract campaign kickoff event. Meet us across from the hospital as we rally for a fair contract. Let’s tell UIC management that it’s our university!

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