It’s time for CPS to PAY BACK THE LOAN

Over the past 3 contracts, when the economy was bad, CPS took back negotiated raises from workers, eliminated paid time off banks, and took away vacation, personal and sick days. These take-aways were not a permanent gift from workers’ bank accounts to CPS’s treasury. We were not making a charitable contribution out of our pay and benefits to cover CPS’s other bills. And we are not CPS’s ATM machine when they need cash.

At best, we ‘loaned’ our raises and benefits to CPS during hard times. Well hard times are over, CPS has money, and now it is time for CPS to pay workers back – with interest!

Here is what we proposed as the way they should pay workers back in our new contract:

• At least 5% raises every year for every worker

• Increase longevity pay for custodians, bus aides, and security guards

• Upgrade SECAs to a minimum pay of $50,000 per year

• Restore steps for all Custodians so that they are paid based on seniority

• Pay Bus Aides for split shifts and travel outside the city limits

• Pay ‘parent workers’ equal pay for equal work with other workers

• Control and rollback out-of-pocket healthcare costs

• Restore all vacation, sick days, and personal days that were taken away and eliminate ‘black-out’ days

Feb bargaining picture

We will accept nothing less. It is time for all CPS workers to take a stand in word and action. Here is what every worker needs to do:

 Volunteer as a contract captain at your school or bus barn

 Sign the petition in support of our contract goals

 Make sure every worker is signed up as a member of the Union

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