IL becomes the 1st state to pass $15/hr in the Midwest

The Illinois Senate voted last week and approved. The House voted today and approved. The $15/hour minimum wage bill now goes to the Governor’s desk.

“Working families across Illinois are celebrating today’s historic vote. We have become the first state in the Midwest to win $15 for all workers. We applaud Majority Leader Lightford for leading the way and the legislators who took this necessary step. 1.4 million workers in our state will benefit from the passage of this bill. Thousands of the workers we represent are in desperate need of a $15 wage floor. It’s not realistic for workers to provide for their families on less than $15. This is a first step in making it easier for Illinois workers to survive and to make our state a fairer place to live and work. We must put this bill on the Governor’s desk as soon as possible. Illinois workers can’t wait any longer.”

The bill will give 1.4 million Illinois workers a raise. 40% of Illinois workers make less than $15 an hour.


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