Chicago Municipal Endorsements – VOTE February 26

This week, the Political Engagement Committee was pleased to release the endorsement recommendations for the Chicago Municipal Elections.  Members of the Political Engagement Committee spent two long days after their regular work hours reviewing questionnaires and interviewing candidates.

A full list of endorsements can now be found by clicking here.


The Committee did not make endorsements in all races because we did not feel we had enough information in some races to make an informed choice.  Committee members, however, will continue to educate ourselves on the other races.  The Committee members also plan to interview candidates for office in other municipalities and school districts throughout Illinois.

If know of an SEIU Local 73 member running for municipal office or school board please let us know.  We are also interested in municipal and school board elections where SEIU represents members.


If you would like to know more about or join the Political Engagement Committee to participate in SEIU Local 73’s choice of candidates, know more about the policy positions we pursue, and help guide the union’s legislative and electoral agenda, please click here.

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