Chicago Park District: Contract Negotiations

What We’re Fighting For


We are preparing to begin Union negotiations with Chicago Park District for our new contract in the coming weeks. Every SEIU Local 73 member who works for the parks needs to be involved and make this a high priority over the next six months. The work we do is important to Chicago’s children and the broader community. We need to be treated with the respect we deserve.

Here is an outline of our bargaining goals for the new contract:

  • Improved Pay and Benefits: Low pay and no health insurance for part-timers combined with small raises and forcing people to work out of title is all about balancing the budget on our backs, not about a just workplace.
    • Equal pay for equal work for hourly workers doing the same jobs as full-time worker
    • Meaningful pay increases for every worker every year. Inflation is going up, the labor market is tightening, and 1% won’t pay the rent this time around
    • CPD must fully fund our pension. CPD has shortchanged the pension for years, well now the chickens are coming home to roost.
    • Health benefits for hourly workers who work more than half time
    • Increased pay for working in a higher paid job
    • No give-backs
  • Full Staffing, Fair Promotion and Transfer Policies: Short-staffing and favoritism mean safety and quality are being compromised.
    • Fill jobs when they become vacant – don’t balance the budget on holding positions open longer
    • Use District-wide seniority offered first by Region, then CPD-wide before hiring from outside
    • Post jobs that actually reflect the work
    • Give more weight to seniority in awarding positions
  • Due Process:  The current policy of no recourse and limited rights in the disciplinary process needs to be replaced with:
    • We have a right to information in disciplinary cases
    • We have a right to grieve discipline and terminations without just cause
    • We have a right to arbitrate unfair disciplinary actions

Join us at the following important meetings to prepare for negotiations and vote to approve our contract goals:

North Region

Tuesday, December 11

11am & 6pm

Horner Park

2741 W. Montrose

(Banquet Hall)


South Region

Wednesday, December 12

11am & 6pm

Grand Crossing Park

76th & Ingleside

(2nd Fl, Seniors Rm)


Central Administration

Friday, December 14

12pm to 2pm

541 N. Fairbanks Court

(South Basement)


Central Region

Monday, December 17

11am & 6pm

Homan Square

3559 W. Arthington

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