UIC Service & Maintenance Unit: Did you receive your increase in pay?


We continue to see improvements that we have fought so hard for. The latest pay increase in your SEIU Local 73 Service and Maintenance Unit contract took effect on October 4, 2018. You should have received an increase of 25 cents per hour or the campus wage increase of 2% whichever is greater. Our union contract can be found here.

Please check your pay stub. If your hourly rate does not reflect your pay increase, please click here to add your name to a union grievance against UIC. We need to be sure that all of us receive what we are entitled to under the contract.

Since your contract expires in October 2019, folks are building power through the Contract Action Team (CAT) and gearing up for next year’s contract negotiations. If you would like more information on the Contract Action Team, click here and fill out the form. You may have talked with an organizer or seen announcements for Local Listen Lunches in your work area.

A Listen Lunch is an opportunity to hear about what’s going on in your union and talk about how we all can make the union stronger through initiatives like the Contract Action Team (CAT). If you would like to schedule a Listen Lunch in your building or department, contact Natalie at nwahlberg@seiu73.org. Again, if you or your coworkers’ hourly rate does not reflect the increase to which you are entitled or you would like more information about building power to win improvements at the bargaining table through the Contract Action Team, click here to add your name.

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