Chicago Park District Members United to Win a Strong Contract

Members throughout Chicago Park District (CPD) have been working together to build union power in their workplace. We have done this with the understanding that we must be transparent in the work we do and actively engage our members to build worker strength that will get us a strong contract win. This will only be accomplished with the involvement and commitment of members and leaders. Without member involvement, the union is weak.


CPD Contract Action Team meeting on April 19

We had our first Contract Action Team (CAT) meeting where the following key issues were identified for the upcoming contract negotiations:

  • Better wages – increases that reflect the hard work we do!
  • Job security – we want CPD to stop subcontracting out work.
  • Better benefits for hourly employees – currently the majority of the CPD workforce are part-time and they receive the least amount of benefits, hours, and holiday pay.
  • Job safety
  • Opportunities for full-time positions – throughout the years CPD has reduced the number of full-time positions and made them part-time with less benefits.
  • Promotions and transfers – a fair and just process that is not based on favoritism and/or nepotism.
  • Disciplinary process – a just process for everyone with a fair appeals procedure and not an investigatory “CAM” process where you are forced to report on yourself or your co-workers.
  • Flexible meal breaks – applied evenly throughout CPD.
  • Short staffing – CPD must staff each park with the appropriate number of staff and stop asking members to work more with less.
  • Establish policies and procedures – ones that are equally enforced throughout CPD.

It is time we show the Chicago Park District that we are strong and ready to fight for a fair and equitable contract that affords protections and crucial compensation for all members across CPD. Join your brothers and sisters at the next CAT meeting.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

SEIU Local 73

300 S. Ashland Ave. (Basement)


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