Illinois Tollway Bargaining Update

On Negotiations, Global Bidding

The Bargaining Committee has been working very hard to come to a full tentative agreement in our current negotiations with the Tollway. We have made tentative agreements on some issues and are close in other areas on reaching tentative agreements. We have two more bargaining sessions scheduled over the next couple of weeks and are hopeful that we can come to a full tentative agreement and provide you with all of the details for review so that we can conduct a ratification vote.


The Tollway will be sending out information regarding a practice test of Global Bidding. As part of our current negotiations we have agreed to Global Bidding to maximize the assignments that workers can bid on. The information you will be provided is real and will include Plazas, Shifts, Hours and Days off for each available position, which will be the same information used when a real Global bid is done. However, we want to emphasize that this is a trial run and the results will not be used.  The purpose of this trial run is to make sure that everyone understands how the Global Bidding will be done and to work out any bugs and issues that might arise before it is done for real.

As always the tentative agreement will have to be ratified as a package by the members before any of this can be fully implemented.

Please contact a committee member with any questions about the Global Bidding or you can contact me, Joe Richert, at 773-805- 0399.

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