#TimesUpLoyola Non-tenure Track Faculty Call a Strike!


After more than 25 negotiating sessions and 2 years of bargaining, non-tenure track faculty called a one day strike to demand better pay, health benefits, and job security. Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences and the English Language Learning Program started picket lines at 7am Wednesday, April 4th and continued throughout the day at several campus locations.

Faculty announced a potential strike day in February prompting Loyola administration to agree to nearly four negotiation meetings. Upset by last-minute counter offers by the administration that would potentially weaken job security, faculty called a one day strike but are prepared for ongoing actions. According to the bargaining committee, Loyola proposed an offer that would allow the university to not renew faculty contracts “without cause.” Adjunct instructors are employed by contract on a semester-to-semester basis making job security a significant issue in negotiations.


Loyola faculty were joined by students, fellow Loyola staff, SEIU Local 73, SEIU Local 1, SEIU HCII, Fight for $15, clergy, members of the Illinois Chapter of the Poor People’s Campaign and more. The rally was a display of solidarity with #NotMyLoyola, a movement meant to highlight the treatment of students of color on campus, as well as with various organizations fighting to end poverty in Illinois for all workers. Nearly 200 people picketed and marched across campus entering and exiting main buildings making their cause heard.

The next negotiating session is scheduled for April 20th. When one of us is under attack, we’re all under attack. Stand with Loyola faculty by sending a letter to Loyola’s president.


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