UIC Professionals Contract Update

After the conclusion of our contract negotiations with UIC administration, we are starting to see the improvements we all have fought so hard for. According to our new SEIU Local 73 Professional Unit contract terms, our full wage adjustment should be an additional 3% (total) and a $200 one-time payment. Pay increases began being applied two weeks ago along with the $200 one-time payment.

Markham Public Hearing Cook County Nov 2017

If your hourly rate does not reflect these changes, please click here to add your name to our union grievance already filed against UIC. We need to be sure that all of us receive what we are entitled to under the contract.

You may have seen organizers around your work sites holding ‘Local Listen Lunches’ to give folks updates while seeking feedback about how we are building a stronger union. Make sure you speak to one of the organizers to increase our power at the bargaining table and in our departments.

If you’d like to hold a ‘Local Listen Lunch’ in your department or building, contact Shea Marshall at mmarshall@seiu73.org.

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