On the Leadership of Local 73

While these are challenging times to be a union leader, I’m proud to be able to join with workers like you, and I am still fighting  for SEIU Local 73!  If we continue to work together, we will overcome  adversity and emerge from Trusteeship as an even stronger union, focused on the critically important issues that impact us – from settling strong contracts to un-electing a governor who is hell-bent on keeping working people down and limiting our power.

I want to advise you of a leadership change in the local. As we are moving into the new year and its new challenges, it has been decided that this is the right time to make changes in the assignments to and the leadership of the Local.  My co-Trustee, Denise Poloyac will complete her assignment at Local 73 on February 2, 2018, and SEIU President Mary Kay Henry has appointed Eliseo Medina to return to Local 73 as my Co-Trustee effective the same day.  Denise, Eliseo and I will be working closely together over the next several weeks to ensure a smooth transition in our work together and with all of you.

Eliseo Medina leading Local 73 members at a rally in Chicago's City Hall.

Eliseo Medina leading Local 73 members at a rally in Chicago’s City Hall.

I cannot find the words that adequately describe my gratitude for the leadership Denise has shown over this past year here at Local 73. Denise has reminded us every day about the threat that the Janus case presents, and has challenged all of us to do the work and make the changes that will build a powerful union beginning with engaging our members and developing leaders. It was Denise that took on the massive task of correcting the budget. Because of Denise’s rigorous oversight, the Local’s operating budget is now in the black after many years of deficit spending. Denise also spent many hours helping to navigate the Local through the many legal challenges and decertification petitions filed against our members. It was her steady hand we held and her shoulder we leaned on when our days were darkest. On behalf of the members, staff, and the leadership team of Local 73 we are grateful that Denise was a part of our Local.  Please join me in thanking Denise and wishing her all of our very best. No good byes, no regrets, just onward movement.

I hope that you will be joining Eliseo and me at our Leadership Conference this Saturday, January 27th.   If you have registered to attend, please make sure you arrive by 9:30am. If you have not registered, you still have time.  You can  call our office at 312-787-5868 or click here to register. At this conference, we will be laying out our plan to turn the serious challenges that we face in 2018 into an opportunity to build a much stronger union.  And all of that begins with all of you — the leaders and members of Local  73.

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