Vote to Protect Your Pension in Cook County


On October 25, 2017 we have the opportunity to elect a new trustee to the Cook County Pension Fund Board.

SEIU Local 73 is supporting Kevin Ochalla. 

Kevin has been a Cook County public employee for 14 years, serving as an Assistant Public Defender in the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender. He is the president of AFSCME Local 3315 which represents Public Defenders. As a public employee, Kevin is strongly committed to protecting the pensions of all Cook County employees.

Cook County employees paid into the pension fund for decades. During that time, we’ve watched as politicians skipped pension payments and underfunded the pension system. Workers paid on time, but Cook County didn’t.

Kevin Ochalla will fight for Cook County employees. He is an experienced advocate firmly committed to standing up for employee interests on the pension board.

The Cook County Pension Board Trustee election is October 25th.
Cook County workers should call the Pension Fund today at 312-603-1200 to request a Vote by Mail application by Monday, October 2nd. 

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