UIC Professionals Bargaining Update


The UIC Professionals Bargaining Committee has been bargaining for a fair and strong contract with professional pay for professional work, for all professionals.

  • On September 18, the committee held a contract bargaining session with UIC Management, expecting a response from them about pay increases. Instead, management asked questions and criticized the proposal without ever offering a response or their own proposal.
  • On September 19, another session was held and management again showed up without a response or proposal. In response, the committee demanded that management have a response and proposal of their own.

Management keeps dragging their feet and disrespecting workers. It is time we stand together and demand that management give us professional pay for professional work!

UIC Professional workers who want to get more involved or get more details can contact Shea Marshall at 312-787-5868 or email mmarshall@seiu73.org.

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