\ Bolingbrook Park District: Stop Breaking the Law!

Bolingbrook Park District: Stop Breaking the Law!


After stalling at the bargaining table and doing everything it could legally to undermine our Union, the Bolingbrook Park District has now resorted to breaking the law. The District recently implemented unilateral changes to working conditions in violation of Illinois labor law.

We have filed unfair labor practice charges when the District denied legally protected rights to a member of our Union bargaining committee. 

It’s time for the District’s Executive Director, Ron Oestreich, to begin bargaining fairly with his workers who have voted twice now to support their Union and a fair contract. Mr. Oestreich and the Bolingbrook Park District should be held accountable for:

  1. Violating Illinois labor law.
  2. Dragging their feet for almost 3 years at the bargaining table.
  3. Offering only $0.10 in raises for workers who have not had a raise in 3 years.
  4. Spending several hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees on the attorney hired to undermine our Union.

We demand that Mr. Oestreich negotiate fairly with Bolingbrook Park District workers. Instead of paying high-priced lawyers, the resources should be shared with the workers who serve the community.

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