Local 73 Members Who Keep Chicago Running Win Raises and Parental Leave

The members of Local 73 who work for the city of Chicago have come a long way in only a few weeks time.  A month ago, the city said there was no agreement to provide raises to those who work hard keeping Chicago safe and running smoothly. After members came together and spoke out–with hundreds holding two actions at city hall in only a few weeks’ time–our voices were heard.  

This week, members voted overwhelmingly for an 18 month contract extension with real improvements for our families:

  • A 1% raise retroactive to July 1,2016
  • A 1% raise on January 1, 2017
  • A 1% raise on July 1, 2017

For the first time, Local 73 members who work for the city also won paid parental leave for eligible employees.

By turning out to vote on this offer, Local 73 members have shown the city the strength that members will bring to the other big fights we face–from moving crossing guards back to the Chicago Police, to arming aviation officers so they can adequately respond in the event of an attack at the airport, to winning safety, dignity and respect for all those working for the city.

None of this would have been possible had members of Local 73 not come together to fight for what is right. They are the people who keep kids safe going to school, in traffic, and at our airports. They care for our city’s animals, protect people in police stations and much more.

These raises and paid leave will help Chicago families pay rent, put food on the table and get the healthcare they need.  When we can take care of our families that’s not just good for us, that’s good for the city of Chicago.

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