Mayor Emanuel: Keep Your Promise!

Update: On Thursday, we met with the city to hold them to their promise of a contract extension with wage increases for the people who keep Chicago running.

It turns out the raises the city offered after our contract expired June 30 were less than the raises given to everyone else who works for the city. We work hard delivering first-class service to the city we love. We made it clear we are prepared to fight for what’s right: to have our work valued equally.

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See below for video and pictures from Wednesday’s rally!

Previous news:

Local 73 members who keep this city running every day came together this week to tell the mayor to keep his promise to provide raises for our families–and we’re winning.

rally-2 RSAfter we announced our March on the Mayor, the city agreed to meet with us before we even hit the street. This meeting is an important step and we’ll stay united to make sure the mayor keeps his word. Sign up for email at the top of the website and text messages to the right to get updates as they happen.

“We work hard. We’re out there in the snow, sleet, and rain making sure the children are crossing safely. We deserve these raises. And we’re not going to stop until the city does right by us,” said Tommie Khalid, a veteran crossing guard of 19 years.

We’re stronger together and when we unite, we win!


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