Politics Archived Stories

June 2015: Unite For a Moral Responsible Budget

June 2015: National Fast Track Call-in Day

April 2015: Governor Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda Coming to a Town Near You

April 2015: Top Ten Ways the Turnaround Agenda Won’t Work For Illinois

April 2015: IL AFL-CIO Legislative Update

February 2015: Gov. Rauner and his anti-Union agenda

January 2015: Rally against right-to-work

March 2014: Members Rally For Fair Tax

March 2014: IMRF Pension Alert!

March 2014: COW Meet the Candidates Forum

March 2014: Support the Fight Against Pension Theft!

January 2014: Bruce Rauner: Wrong For Illinois

December 2013: Governor Signs Pension Reform, Court Case Coming

November 2013: Legislature Passes Chicago Park District Pension Reform

August 2013: Celebrate Labor Day With a Picnic in the Park! 

August 2013: Local 73 Meets with Gubernatorial Candidates

August 2013: Around the 48th District with Senator Andy Manar

June 2013: Senator Mulroe Summer Events

May 2013: Pension Update From Senator Andy Manar

April 2013: Pension Update – Your Calls Are Making the Difference!

March 2013: HB 3411 – The Latest Unfair Attack on Your Pension

October 2012: Important News About Your Pension!

September 2012: Winning Wisconsin for President Obama

September 2012: Members work for President Obama in Wisconsin 

August 2012: SEIU for Andy Manar photos

August 2012: Senator Noland on Pension Reform

August 2012: SEIU Illinois State Council Issues 2012 Endorsements

July 2012: Sullivan’s Unemployed Vets’ Hiring Initiative Becomes Law

June 2012: June Legislative Update

June 2012: Why We Need a Graduated State Income Tax

May 2012: We Are One Statement on Pension Reform

April 2012: AndyFest 2012 – Saturday, April 14
March 2012: Andy Manar: A Strong Voice for Downstate
March 2012: Join Senator Noland in the Dundee St. Patrick’s Day Parade
February 2012: 6th Ward Candidate Forum March 3
February 2012: Andy Manar Ribbon Cutting March 3
February 2012: Join your SEIU Sisters and Brothers to elect Rudy Lozano
February 2012: Senator Noland’s response to State of the State Address
January 2012: SEIU Illinois State Council Issues Endorsements in State Legislative Races

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