Cook County Archived Stories

October 2015: County Budget Hearings

June 2015: Cook County Contracts Passed by Board

June 2015: Step Increases Issued This Month

May 2015: Cook County Contract Ratified!

September 2014: County Protest

September 2012: Cook County Contract Bargaining & Reclassification/Upgrade Surveys

September 2012: Vote for John D. Keen for Cook County Pension Board

September 2012: Stroger Hospital Steward Elections

September 2012: County Contract Update – Show Me the Money!

August 2012: Cook County Public Budget Hearings – August & September

July 2012: Cook County Public Budget Hearings

July 2012: Letter to Cook County Custodians

June 2012: Contract Ratified!

March 2012: What’s the Holdup With Our County Contracts?

February 2012: HACC Contract Bargaining Survey
2011: Tentative Agreement Reached with CVR
2011: The Truth Behind 1,700 Layoff Letters
2011: Myths and Realities of Contracting Out
2011: Click here to view photos from the vigil to save Oak Forest Hospital on May 24.

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