Higher Education Archived Stories

November 2015: UIC Pros Tentative Agreement Reached

May 2015: UIC Pros Strike Authorized!

March 2015: Mediator Joins UIC Negotiations

December 2014: UIC Pros Contract Update 

November 2014: First Student – Contract Ratified!

November 2014: City Colleges Contract Ratified!

November 2014: Rally for Terminated Employees at IIT!

October 2014: Support the UIC Nurses!

September 2014: Layoffs Remain Top Priority at UIC

August 2014: UIC Wage Increase & Retro Check Timeline

July 2014: UIC Says Layoffs, WE SAY CHOP FROM THE TOP! 

July 2014: University of Chicago Medical Center Chooses Discipline Over Health

June 2014: UIC & UIUC Campus Wage Update

May 2014: UIC Contracts Ratified!

April 2014: UIC – Contract Ratification Details

April 2014: UIC – Tentative Agreements Reached! 

April 2014: UIC Strike Notice Issued!

March 2014: UIC Strike Authorization Vote

January 2014: UIC Rally Photos 

January 2014: UIC Management Says You Are Not Underpaid!

January 2014: The Chicago State Grinch Stole Two Holidays! 

November 2013: UIC Fight For Fair Contracts Dec. 4!

October 2013: Argonne Laboratory – Contract Ratified! 

July 2013: UIC Campus Wage Update

July 2013: UIC Membership Meetings

February 2013: Strike Notice Issued at UIUC

February 2013: UIC/UIUC Fight for a Fair Contract

November 2012: UIC DSCC/Clerical Wage Increase Update

November 2012: UIC Pros Contract Vote

October 2012: Is UIC broke? Professor Howard Bunsis says NOT AT ALL!

October 2012: UIC Professionals – Learn More About Your First Contract!

October 2012: UIC Professionals Contract Update – Tentative Agreement Reached!

October 2012: UIC Professionals Contract Update – October 16

October 2012: UIC Clerical Contract Update – October 1

October 2012: UIC Professionals Contract Update – October 1

September 2012: UIC Professionals Contract Update – September 7

August 2012: UIC Professionals Contract Update – August 9

August 2012: Fight For Your Pension!

July 2012: UIC Clerical/Administrative Bargaining Survey

July 2012: UIC Professionals Rally For Your Contract!

June 2012: UIC Management Stalls Again!

June 2012: UIC Professionals Membership Meeting

June 2012: UIC Professionals: Professionals Stand United!

June 2012: UIC Professionals: Post-Strike Update

May 2012: UIC Professionals: Management’s wage counter proposal

May 2012: UIC Professionals: Strike Date Set!

May 2012: UIC Professionals: Strike Looms!

May 2012: Press Release- UIC Professionals Issue Strike Notice

May 2012: UIC on Alert! Strike Notice Issued

May 2012: YES! Strike Authorization Approved!

May 2012: Meet your DSCC Bargaining Committee Representative

April 2012: Value UIC Professionals Now! Pledge Your Support!
April 2012: UIC Professionals – Strike Authorization Q&A
April 2012: UIC Professionals Town Hall Meetings
April 2012: UIC Professionals Call for Strike!
April 2012: UIC Professionals Contract Update – April 10
March 2012: UIC Professionals Update – March 23
March 2012: PHOTOS – UIC Professionals Rally for the Contract
March 2012: UIC Professionals Rally for the Contract
March 2012: UIC Professionals Update – Take Action Now!
February 2012: Call Your Legislators Now! Vote NO on HB5531
February 2012: UCMC Contract Update
February 2012: UIC Professionals Contract Update-Shame on UIC Management!
January 2012: University of Chicago Picket January 25
January 2012: UIC Professionals Contract Update
November 2011: UIC Professionals Contract Update

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