The Truth Behind 1,700 Layoff Letters

On Friday, November 4, the County began distributing letters to approximately 1,700  members relating to Phases I, II, and III of the layoff process.

This letter does not mean you will be laid off. The most senior employees should not be impacted by the layoffs.

The County’s letter was given to hundreds of members who have more than a decade of seniority, some with more than 30 years on the job. And, even though Local 73 President Christine Boardman was listed as copied on each letter, we never received copies of any letter from the County or advance notice of the distribution. We have demanded a list of members who received a letter from the County but have not a list yet.

The letter included bullet points which require additional clarification:

  • The County says, “You were impacted by Phase I or II of the layoff process”

We say: By rule of an arbitrator, the County must redo Phases I and II before going to Phase III.

  • The County says, “You already received a notice regarding Phase III in the Spring”

We say: Even though you were notified, we were able to delay Phase III because the County improperly handled Phases I and II.

  • The County says, “Your position will be eliminated”

We say: Entire departments in CCHHS received layoff notices. The County cannot and will not lay off 1,700 positions and entire departments of the workforce.

Phase I and II to begin November 8

Phase I and II of the layoff process will begin on Tuesday, November 8. Phase III will begin after Phases I and II are completed properly.

If you have any questions, call the Member Resource Center at 312.588.7630.

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